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Extremely sloppy first quarter for the offense. I got to look at the scoreboard right now and say, you know, what we're fortunate don't be down seven zero. And they gotta be great for their defense for keeping them in this one. You said what? Eight to nine possessions would be the recipe for Georgia Tech. Clemson only had two in the first quarter. Yup. Is a be back as Georgia Tech will open the second quarter at the Clemson forty four yard line to Quan Marshall under center one receiver to the right Koch will goes in motion left takes pitch left trying to get around. Lynch blocks can't get to the edge out of bounds near the forty five yard line shop by Clemson in pursuit gain of one Nolan Turner, the strong safety forced about and Turner was really only one about four or five guys there when I was watching tape. I saw this plane. I thought to myself it's going to be tough the sweet plays in the extremely tough. It's this Clemson defense because of the speed they have they got speed all over the field at all three levels this Clemson defense. They've got speed loss of a yard that type of the forty six yard line. Second down and eleven from the left cash for Georgia Tech seriously, the back on the right edge this time, they'll go to the right looking option Marshall, fix the pitch toxin at the fifty. They're going back even more back to the forty nine yard line in the late flag comes in. From the referee out on the backside might be a horse collar custody. Jalen Williams and Austin Bryant on the tackle. Referee's microphone it looks. Like it wasn't functioning there. But it was a horse collar. They call it a horse collar. I couldn't tell if it was Austin Bryant, it was I'm Brian. But a very very fortunate. Call right there for Georgia Tech because they had to quantum Marshall stop for a loss. And they were about to set up yet. Another third down to fifteen we've seen how those those have gone so far for this offense. Extremely fortunate to basically keep the drive alive because I think third and fifteen if I'm Paul Johnson this point the game. I'm probably going to hand it off. Fifteen yard penalty on that course collar. They Mark it up the left hash all the way to the thirty one yard line of Clemson automatic first down block rolls opening minute of the second quarter, Georgia Tech as deep as the Clemson seventeen on expert series. They have it at the thirty one here, and I down and ten. Ripple option. Very tight line of scrimmage out on the left side left hash to Touqan Marshall under center, Gibbs it. Up the middle. Thirty one yard line. No gain for Jordan Mason, the be bag J D Davis. Weakside linebacker that time got the stopped. JD? Davis has that a nice job? So far. Kindle Joseph was out with. We think a growing injury today to make the trip to Atlanta all ACC performer. Jimmy Davis is going to have to step up and play. Well, and so far he's done just advocacy. I'm looking on the field right now. Clemson safeties are probably six or seven yards from the line of scrimmage. You. Gotta take a shot and loosen. These guys up at some point this football game. The only thrown one pass this afternoon. Second down and ten at the Clemson thirty one option to the right key Marshall trying to slip through the whole. But who else JD Davis? Once again is there and stops at the twenty eight yard line for a gain of three. And it'll bring up third down. Marshall set a school record last year ran for eleven hundred and forty six yards a school record for a quarterback rushing. But only completed thirty seven percent of his passes slightly up this year to forty seven percent. And here comes a third down and six from the Clemson twenty eight yard line there. One for four on third down in the ballgame. Trailing seven nothing Marshall understand are going to pitch it to the right side may sit out of the right numbers thirty and he's not going to get the first not even close down at the twenty six might have got a yard at JD Davis again with a tackle for Clemson. Well, I can tell you one player from Clinton who spent some serious time in the film room this week, and that's JD Davis. The obviously solace opportunity today to get some significant playing time with KENDALL Joseph out, and he is making the most of it. He has been flying around this football field. And he he seems like he's a riding at the ball before. It's even pits. A lot of times. Great job by Judy Davis in the early parts of this game to make an impact. Right and king didn't get a chance at a forty three yard attempt to career long last time because of an offside they'll try from forty-three. Here placement is down kick is up to the left at it is no good. Why'd left? Brenton king missing on the forty three yard field goal attempt. Again. Georgia Tech crosses the fifty and doesn't come away with any points. Timeout here in Atlanta, eleven fifty five to go. Second quarter, Clemson seven Georgia Tech nothing..

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