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Hello and welcome Toorabi podcast with me Robbie Muster and him on his weekend off Rob. He'll go over all things in the primarily for match week five now some of the things we're GonNa talk about on this podcast. We are going to go over the mistakes admitted to by Mike Riley and the the head of the permanent referees we can talk about Kiki's Sanchez Flores homecoming to walk foot in that game against Arsenal. Lots also talk about in that particular game. Chelsea's continued excellence with those young plaza and Franklin pod starting to to really find some foam. Liverpool's continued perfect start rob. Yo We gotta start with one of the more memorable games in the Premier League era. I think carrow road in knowledge may be the most memorable impressive victory that they've seen their in their permanent era how did Norwich city and we'll get onto of course a man cities performance there but he added no it sits you with all the changes that they've got you know somebody goes conceded one game and yet they found a way to beat. Man City what why and how did not do it why and how she really good question mostly is more than anything they bought into the spirit of the premier league and nobody take anything for granted in that they didn't have a team they had two goalkeepers on the bench that some star players when playing some players would play now positioned gas well when the whistle blows at Carrow road with the place jumping the the reigning champions on Nura in place. If you give everything you've got if you have a tactical Saito if you take chances against the best team in the League you can win game job you can win matches and do you know what to do about and I've seen a couple of scenes in the end of the show today. This city of Norwich will be we buzzing for a week year. Mancini based on what happened for ninety minutes in art is the value that is the the gift is primarily. The whole city will change based on ninety minutes full. I'll tell you what impresses me you know is an sadly only are the teams. I think of the belief of trying to play so try and open play against one city when they're ready to press which northgate and impressively found ways to beat that press which I think city has like wow we usually win the back in five seconds yet. They're good enough to play around around just an also without the ball probably more importantly they into all the and engage to physical and not just get behind behind the ball like many do against city thinking well. We're in good shape here. This is the way to play him. It's not the way to play them. You've got to engage to ruffle their feathers and that's what annoys city apart from. I mean they've got very good young pleasant. We know about months North City a- in particular what I mean are good. Those two a young passed away about two million dollars was was everywhere yesterday. The interviews leading the Blue Light Blue Shield is Kevin Lebron's winning Bulls tots. That's cleaned great positions breaking playoff jiving full insisting on goals. I mean just a you know a combination of all have been all around foot balloon blue role and you're exactly right because over the course of the season and I know at times you've sat there when you're not seeing a bit frustrated with the opposition against say they don't really have the they're not and then the other thing that you said I'll let let's give you credit on this. One is that when Mon city a loose defensively eh chances all teams good enough to take those chances not word on the day room the posse and the incisive first class when they won't possession often chill monster he plays out with the gang it really did and Daniel Fonseca icon say how much how embarrassed I am with this young a young team in this league against city that he's prepared to play the same way they have a goal kick. Goalkeeper gets it taps into defender is like okay. Let's go again. Try and play through they it did it did it so many times brought in from unsafe point of view. Rubio GimMe GimMe Gimme your biggest concern from this game and even what you've we've seen in the first five weeks now about how you feel tipping them to win the title. My biggest worry is report is going to be missing for possibly six months. Yeah Vincent Company is missing for Lifetime Manchester. pity have a problem with essential defensive position automatic of Walker Stones ultimately in Zintchenko will not win you the tile right. They're not winning. The child is not Enough Organiz ation these not enough this decision. Making is a lack of composure these luck police you see what vigil. Vandyke brings to the rest of the players. The four stones almost brings the opposite ultimately luksa worst player some say in the left hand side. This doesn't look as comfortable there overseas taste natural to drop the PEP Guardiola is going to be tested from this point on until maybe we got to the genuine or if he goes beyond if in this team to not only close doubtful go on the Bruins. We've seen women city of one games outstandingly unle and not been scored upon. was there a sense of complacency for Man City Rapport because I felt that I just WanNa get your sense on that. You didn't pay debris Lena. Yeah we know the champion kicks in this week and the Shanghai go to from from the pet them outcome. We're going to Norwegian the language of the Players Rob. Did they look like they were up for games. They lie whether it's tough later in the game that they were ready to roll the sleeves up and find a way to get back in win it. I I wouldn't label label on them. I think that's kind of I think what set you don't lose often if they do lose all well. I don't have a think teams not prepared. I think they were surprised by the tactics in the quality of your physician whether he doesn't play Debroy that's going to happen. He's Got Champions League Games next week competition. They've got an eye on so so I wouldn't go down the complexity of you. I think that would actually get off the hook the point now. I think the war is rob. Is that lesson. Nonni Joel must have sat blueprint now this is this for this system you can you can you can fool some sake. Johnstone's over ninety minutes is very rarely shown his did he. You won't make one mistake during the game. He's almost ten inch Chris Molin. Oh feel young ninety minutes. He will make a mistake or he will play enough aside. That's not all he went forward and he's going to call the team problem now. I want to talk about Johnston's rob just to finish this game up. Now the ultimately I I think everybody can agree. He's not in the ball as no one near first choice must padres won. The Pulitzer doesn't Blend Clinton. He's next to you. They'll take responsibility. It's on the Bolt but oh okay so you think it's done okay generally so johnstone's now the thought was this guy could could be one of the best centrebacks sixty six advocate growing great good hi. Hey we're not composed. Jennifer apple comparison so I explained Kinda. Try to explain the show. What is lacking is up here. Obviously is between tween years. Yeah is a decision place. He's got the stars. Why isn't turning out to be the player that people expect him to be a serious? Defender doesn't mean off when things go wrong. It makes poor. DC INMATES IMMATURE IMMATURE decisions. It makes decisions. Asians of the play who's played three or four games and you say he's GonNa. He's doing those things well two years after three years after months city of him to be the month he's supposed to be the mind that now is the central figure if that defense that everybody else is looking for to take them to another level. He's at the moment the month who's getting everybody on edge coming into the team and he's putting the other players and that's the offside he played. It doesn't know that that war is in front of him and he's trying to play offside on the exact. Count is an athlete Rob Wisey Elisa Plane Offside against the knowledge forward. US never going to illustrate race. It's going to be defining for Johnstone's career over the next few weeks a month because he's GonNa play if things go I think he's GonNa play unless the manager goes with for Neil again. Finally Finnegan play the next game is that we're going to do do now all things just as we move on. Melvin and it's interesting. I think he'll go with him. I think you'll stay with him. I I think he's got to live the title challenge of Manchester City. May just hung on on on Johnstone d shoulder quick little thing I just WanNa the address must've Dayton him for another day indictment fighting okay since last season Manchester City of can see twenty nine league goals fifty five percent of them come from set pieces the first goal that yesterday kick. I've got a list of Corn WanNa cakes where Manchester City. You're not picking up on the near Post and people school. I'll give you a bit to finish up five of the last six games in the premise last season an incredibly important pressured period of Time poll Vincent Company those to go home fourteen wins yeah the last six games five six with a an that's what they're missing right now and they're. GonNa miss out for the next five or six months anyway. We'll we'll see how they get on to the other team to the team. Now that have been perfect Liverpool Liverpool Newcastle United one what stood in this one bobby for me now Bobbie give him a boss singing about stuff. I mean the the whole thing just looks different. Money's on the pitch and it was in Newcastle team. You'll have to go go go ahead quite discipline to quite organized organized and committed to what they were gonNA. Do what what what what what this game tool may rub it as a top line is e COM overcome quality. There was a quality politic in in in the two teams in the front flee from Liverpool are as good as you're GONNA get anywhere in Europe and when they play when they play together no league staw go injury that could be a little bit blow to them because they're going to need him to fill faces when when that from three play and Click Rob and we'll talk about all of a sudden one of the no we'll talk about what that three from three can do and get goals the front three that can just play like they play Gavitt announce right. They've got a chance they really have and I think member two seasons ago not last season that you can. Can you remember how great their football was from. Those remember last season was probably the last season before he was just frightening but other developments were in my position so the goal keeper situation wasn't right now. I can kinda say season where they are brilliant really going forward the better the back so those yeah games in the winter last Monday jewell those games that meant the difference between them winning tile yeah. I can see that they are going to do that. They've got they've got the front three or as durable bother wife front three players that I've seen the the never never entered the never or enjoy a Gerbil. They're always planning never looked tired and that's why with that that for my chemistry and Vandyke defensively in those fullbacks men more mature and more experience more comfortable to been European champions that I think this year they're going to be better. They are going to be back there in the game and we saw that there's nothing that's going to looks at. The moment is going to standing there way. Almost every game winning this title defensively obviously no city play finally would get into Liverpool's team and I'm only talking about would have changed Gomez for stones. Don't think so would have changed mighty stumps. Don't think so these debts these position positional play Gomez can go in at right-back if transports have a bit of a time when he comes on top of the more for whatever reason the such strength in depth in defence the midfield we know in these numbers numbers in place to combat it in that front three if they continue and you know there's people looking out for for the Mohan moments what's going to happen. Never it happen. Let's move on everybody nothing to see Roberta for me no rob the touch is. I mean there's an all around player while when he first comes up football club has lally fans storage storage is about finished giving well y'all mostly yeah yea. Katina clock obviously more from before and like we got to stick with this guy is class and I think right now get ah start the season. He looks absolutely in top condition. I made the difference system. Believable touches for sellers gall flick. That was amazing yeah. It's it's just you know when you look at right now. Of course I got European football which will do a podcast on later in the week on the away asks noisy. We'll see how they manage again the premier league and European football but again impressive they go down those three players get excited and do the business just just to bring him from us today. Falkland gap rope top of the table. You know I've always said yesterday. The minute race switch with you same bolts and they've got five yards on from this doll. You say is GONNA come. Listen Pulling Jake Chelsea Football Club Robin L. really interested in right now really interesting. Now we know the background. I'm sure our listeners know the background about the manager your friend Lumpar that's had very little experience. Appearance young players will be trusted because the transfer ban at Nas odd one of the best plays if not in the premise league in Europe is left football club and I still believe this this season. They're going to be inconsistent and it's GonNa be some games. We're GONNA come on. You know what wasn't quite right somewhere. Abraham didn't quite do it or they lost. In the second half they conceded goes but but this was a real shot in the arm really what they can do. The young players continued to progress and tell me.

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