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Remember F d i. C Times, 5, 45 and time for Bryant Comb with, you know, opening in one of the top political spots in the state of Ohio. Yes, I learned yesterday that Senator Rob Portman, the Republican from Terrace Park. Is not going to be running for re election is a quitter, said that he's frustrated, among other things, with the political partisanship and the divide in Washington. And is ready to come back home live full time here in the tri state. He said He wants to take on a bigger role in the family business, the restaurant 11 in the golden lamb and concentrate on this farm that he hasn't Warren County as well. At this point, no word on who officially could be running for that spot, though already, number of Republicans have expressed interest, including Christ a congressman Brad Win strip. There are a number of people on the Democratic side who were already thinking about challenging Portman, First Senate so that could open up that primary. Even more. The race itself is two years away, It would be in 2022 so Apartments that he announced his decision now to give those Republicans who are interested in succeeding him plenty of timeto fundraise and make plans for a primary fight. The deal coming up our news six o'clock with talk Cove in cases in the US, they appear to be on the decline. Now, after the holiday spike, and the president says that there could be mass vaccinations for everyone. By spring, which is 54 days away. Mauritz six on NewsRadio. 70 oww! Thanks certainly is 5 47 and you're reading National review yesterday. That's a nice things to say about Senator Portman. Including this apartment doesn't great a lot of controversy. No one's asking him to run for president. It doesn't create excitement as a guest on cable news. Prime time he just goes to work and gets bills passed was used to be an important aspect of being a senator back in the days before the federal government became an endless syriza of giant omnibus spending bills. An executive orders. You know, the Trump presidency has not ended grassroots Republicans hunger for a splashy symbolic culture war fight, often at the expense of getting legislation passed. Republican political culture. Or a Texas senator Ted Cruz things getting into a Twitter war with Seth Rogan is good use of his time as a culture where nobody such as Rob Portman is going to find something better, more productive to do. With his life and serve in the Senate. So Nice little piece there. Rob Portman is quietly goes about getting the job done. And where I was talking about this. Your festival coming to over the Rhine and the end of February believe since eyes craft breweries The focus of a winter event will be a Washington park. Three CDC hosting the It's called Mitten Fest. Get it, It's in.

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