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Chrysler chief Dodge Ram and Libertyville. This's Don's room and I'm telling you that you've got to check him out. Time now for our first period discussion here, Game number three intermission number one in the Black Hawks trying the Vegas cold Nights by a score of one. Nothing Chris. Boating with you joined it down. The hallways is always in there when trust by cost rocks as booth by Troy Murray and Roya lot of good things as you mentioned John happening, but you need your your good players to step up, especially in these situations and the task that the Black Hawks are facing. Patrick Kane a golden opportunity and look there and Corey Crawford again, probably missing one he should have had in that shorthanded situation offers Gotta have that. There's not a lot of options for Carlson there, he's on his back and the plate kind of started, though at the at the Far Blue Line, or Duncan Keith bobbled, it gave Vegas that opportunity to create that chance. Got to be a little bit more sure handed. When you're handling the puck in the offensive zone, especially on the power play. I mean, but again, biggest, very aggressive, But Corey Crawford's gotta read that play a little bit better hang on a little bit longer. Before he goes down, the top corner was explored, exposed a little bit, maybe a little bit off his angle and So you talk about goaltending in the playoffs. She just can't allow those type of goals to go in. Yeah, and Patrick Kane's case, Just a golden opportunity mean that's Ah, It's a great opportunity Cane set up to break it for certain for two great chances, and Fleury made strong moves from his left. It was right. The one to cane. It's going the other way, and he doesn't even see this play. It's just through a crowd of people. Fleury doesn't see it until it's after they're showing it right now, and Patrick Kane off the backside of the post. And Cain just kind of stands there, and he just can't believe that he missed that wide open net. And from an overall standpoint, though, obviously you need those things to happen with Korean Patrick, but the way the Blackhawks played this first period pretty satisfied with what you saw. Yeah, I like it The trailing one Nothing and that's the bad thing. But you like the way that they played in that first period five on five. I thought they had better opportunities. They Kept the puck in the offensive zone on day drew a couple of pounds. Just exactly what I was talking about. Once you get in the offensive zone, move your feet. That's what Alex Knee Lander did made a little play in the corner there and started to pull away from Riley Smith and Reilly. Smith turned around and got his stick tangled up into the feet. You draw the penalty there Now you got to try and capitalize on it. You look at this and three opportunities already. In this game and coming up on the 3rd 1 to finish it off and on Lee for in the 1st 2 games, So you're not going to get these opportunities very often, But they're playing hard enough to draw these penalties. Which is the good thing. Yeah, and the more time you can have Reilly Smith, not on the ice. Especially the way he always has the Blackhawks. A ll the better Troy. Thanks a bunch. Appreciate it. We'll look forward to the call of the second period. With you and John coming our way shortly time for another break. When we come back, we'll go through first period How it's also hear from Alex to break it. That's next is the Blackhawks Trail. The Golden Knights one Nothing after one. You're listening. Blackhawks Hockey on 7 20 W. G. N When you're on the leading edge of medicine every day is unprecedented.

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