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Sixty six sixty six we lead off with ray in Waterbury Connecticut good morning to you array morning I've great monologue as usual don't you he was quite tell it was playing with fire you were a little bit too long what what what but you're right what came out of that was a little pressure spot yes any any slider look good last night that last page you will but that's wider which you know that they broke off nice you know not that what got lost in the shuffle though is how good look Eris displayed the defiance looks better any hidden they could come at a better time no question I mean right now with Jeff make meal out the Mets need guys to step up that's how they're going to make up for the loss of a guy who could win a batting title Wanli Garris is getting a chance to play this is a new lease on life that won the Garris as he gets four hits on Tuesday night he got a hit two nights ago and was a big kid because it was the hit that started the rally in the ninth inning they came up short but they did have the bases loaded with one out and a chance to come back one the garish started that rally and then last night look everybody at last night the twenty three hits it three more hits so we've seen one look Eris over the last three nights it feels have more bases that he had had a basically the entire season but we've seen a murderous sorry and he's been good for awhile but certainly the last two nights we seen Joe panic about on base is first to opportunities last night and that's what they have to do when a guy gets hurt SK defense when guys get hurt you can just roll over and say up there heard that stinks you need guys to step up Mike in Norwalk Connecticut a Mike are you going to talk to talk to you so listen I missed part of your opening so forgive me if this is the world ever credit of what you said about Chad green but I think last night sort of illustrates the issue about using an open are in the playoffs and in fact when I saw that they were gonna use J. green as an opener last night my first thought was actually you know how with this play out in the post season because the flying opponent of course which is not the Toronto Blue Jays in the Baltimore Orioles for once that being said you know I would be reluctant to use as an opener for precisely exactly what happened last night where if it doesn't go a hundred percent according to plan I mean what is what's the next move right the problem you know you can't you can't burn I mean if you're in a for you know if you're in a hole for nothing right off the bat you're not gonna burn you know next game starter right so what are your options that point it's almost like if it doesn't go exactly as you plan it out you know what's the point in the other thing is that I was bringing that up at the top Michael what I was saying was also when do you pull the trigger on taking the open around I mean how long do you let the guy go before you say oh boy I better do something last night it's a regular season game the Yankees are forty games about five hundred there's a lot less pressure but in the post season every pitch every decision is scrutinized so if a last night was the playoffs when the Apollo I gave my answer I wouldn't have allowed Chad green deface Jose Romero's I probably wouldn't even allowed him to face yes you play but here's the problem when you talk about burning pitchers are burning players if you have to take your open around the first inning because they're a guys on base you're not going to your next picture you're not going to a starting pitcher with bases loaded nobody out here's what you doing you going to one of your better relievers and so now you're using a guy in the first inning that in your plan you were going to use in the seventh inning that's what you're gonna do I mean think about last night if the bases are loaded and nobody out its postseason game and Yasiel Puig is up he's got to go to out amount of you know is that the guy so now that's the scenario you've created where you're now going to one of your better late inning relievers in the first inning I don't think you're just gonna let Chad green Dr own James in Manhattan what's of James a now and what's going on with them not less thank you again two things on that one is I mean after the indigestion and none of the heart and they get the end yeah you know the one take away I thought about you know full series was that you know last pitching I mean they're I mean they're sergeant middle road met both an absolute thanks I mean it's probably better me worse than ours and probably is bad is naturally from that level you know if you come see them around me hopefully you know in a playoff spot early maybe down the road for we have to balance the apostle Paul while courts bar maybe even vision I don't feel like like in like in years past that that team's unbeatable like you know they were back in like they would handle three pages as or even you know they'll be no several in here I don't know what your take on that getting a good look at them they just don't we'll we'll have a kind of pitch at this writing like a team that would really make me scared like in a short series a different way they're built with a really good offense I mean they score a lot of runs they score almost five and a half runs a game you look at the top for hitters in their line up of cooling in I'll be using Freeman and Donaldson they're very very good I think that's their straight there strain does not their starting pitching history does not their bullpen their strength is that they can score a lot around they've got a very good line up is that enough to go when in the post season will say it wasn't enough yeah yeah make it out to all three of us again a go to the series against can't see I mean I'm I'm bone greedy I think it's sweet is what's needed right here what he why would you think about that well I mean why not they did a really good job of doing that to other bad teams when they face them during their emergence during their comeback of being twenty points down in the third quarter of an NBA game it's tough to sweep the team on the road it's not easy but you definitely want to see them at minimum when a series especially when you look at the starting pitching edges here the Braves half they've got a tremendous offense tremendous offense and they've got a kid at the top of their rotation Mike Soroka who's been outstanding but he's still a rookie still a young guy the rest of the rotation Max for each had a good year so good here Julio Tirana's had a decent year he got just absolute cross last night which was good to see full that never has been a disaster so I don't love their starting pitching but I think that's why there's a clear difference between the LA Dodgers and everybody else the Dodgers are clearly on paper they did lose the Marlins yesterday it happens but they clearly on paper the best team in the National League Jeffrey Hackensack a Jeffrey Aaron employed you can my meds point otherwise make Asian that is a lot of crazy people out there you know with the message now you know when you win fourteen or fifteen like they did not expect a little bit of a let down you know because everybody is weighing over their heads for that period of time I think they're going to settle down now you kill a gene that can win two out of three but like you said they got engaged contributions guys that haven't been there lip garish Paddick maybe D. own you know guys like that you know you you made a perfect analogy you know it's like a bad working down by twenty you know they spend all their energy to get my point now you know you have to take a deep breath and you know get we focus again and now more one don't think we should worry about three losses in a row I think they're going to right the ship well I was worried Jeffrey before they won last night I mean if they lost the game last night and they get swept by Atlanta and now it's a four game losing streak after that incredible run yeah I'd be worried they don't have to play in a fifteen out of sixteen clip don't have to do that well yeah the analogy I use we've been using it for a while but here's where we are in the basketball game analogy the nets were down I keep saying the nets the Mets were down by twenty they tie the game up and their opponent answered with back to back the reason they were down by six and last night they had a nice elbow jumper now they're down by four that's where we are checking the car H. up but how are you good not too much solution I this is regarding your I'm not a young gentleman that sample regarding your question you posed earlier about when you use the hawk yeah right to pull Jack green out such if it's a playoff game yeah and I was thinking about it and what I was wondering was you you're probably checking a book in my place what's the difference was starting pitcher goes out and the same thing happened to them what the plan of action all of a sudden picture gets beat up in the first time well I think you know here's the difference you're right you're right in terms of what do you do as far as going to the bullpen you still got to get rid of that state here's the difference though Chuck I think with a starting pitcher you let them try to get to the first inning I I don't think you're as quick on the whole as I'd be with a guy like Chad green what have you got your own like Severino two years ago about one third of an inning do you you write in theory that if you have to go to the bullpen in the first inning like the Yankees have to do in the wild card game a few years ago like the Mets had to do in game six of the National League Championship Series in nineteen ninety nine you still have to go to the open in the first inning I completely understand that you're in that scene tricky predicament the difference is you are naturally going to have a quicker hope with the reliever in the top of the first inning then you are with the starting pitcher you're gonna let your starting pitcher have a little bit more time to figure it out now what we saw on the Severino game if you go to another reliever and that's my point if Chad greens in trouble in the first inning of a playoff game you're not going to that second guy who may be more in terms of a starting pitcher you're going to go to another reliever to try to get.

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