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Last podcast. How many guys this morning from one? Oh, four point five ESPN in Baton Rouge down. Here. Going goes down here on the road yesterday. We were at walk on get ready for Alabama coming to LSU this weekend. One versus three in college football kind enough to let me do the show down here sticking around for the game this weekend. Jazzed about that one as bad as Thursday night. Football was last night where the forty Niners went out and absolutely rolled over the Oakland Raiders in a way that is going to invite all this conversation about the raiders quitting. My mind is really just a reminder of what the raiders are doing which is not being at all invested in winning. They got three first round picks this year to next year to five worse round picks in the next two years. Jon Gruden is clearly said now for some time. All right. I've got a ten year contract. I've got time and space to make this work. We'll get to Hugh Jackson who did not have time and space in his coming out. And being unusually candid for someone who probably still wants to coach in this league somewhere. And maybe this is part of it. Maybe in his mind, it's clearing up. A lot of the question marks around his departure. So that in the next job interview. There's no misunderstanding about where he believes. He sat where it went wrong. You Jackson who I believe I saw at first take. Today. Like, I keep reading that feeling like, it's a typo. But Hugh Jackson, the former Browns head coach believe is going to join I take today, which I am infinitely fascinated by didn't interview with Mary Kay cabinet the other day and talked about some things that we get into a little bit. But he was operating the way most coaches do where it already seemed given his record as a head coach. He was on borrowed time for Jon Gruden based on the vote of confidence. And you've been given you believe you've got a longer one way. And so it produces games like last night right now, it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts because the rest of this weekend in the NFL is markedly more interesting like I said, I'm looking forward to the college football matchup down here. But this area the country's also playing home to one of the best NFL games. This weekend is the Los Angeles Rams come to take on the New Orleans Saints, but this weekend and this week is really been defined by the conversation around these Sunday night football matchup. Green Bay going on the road against the New England Patriots and the whole Brady. Rogers debate, we tear everyone kind of explain away Tom Brady the greatest of all time, the winning resume the Super Bowls. But here in Rogers, the best of all time, the skills we've done this before so many times over we've done that. So many times the quarterbacks actually got to way in which feels strange for the first time on this. Aaron Rodgers actually being asked about Tom Brady, and this sort of comparison in the first time, I can really remember. And all this Rogers on Brady towns at the top is game for over a decade planet high level when MBP's? Ps? He's he's been phenomenal player in this league. So he's a fun to watch younger player trying to figure out what you know what he's doing. Obviously we play a little bit different style a game. But the stuff that he does well stuff that over my career, I've tried incorporating HOGAN. I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. What I would give to know what Aaron Rodgers thinks about this behind closed doors Aaron Rodgers by all accounts isn't extremely reserved individual when it comes to what he's willing to put out into the public. You someone who guards his privacy, but behind closed doors when you talk to guys that are teammates talked to guys that have played within against him era is a hyper competitor, an alpha male on the sports field and the guy who's gonna wear you out like his teammates have talked about how openly he is bleep talking you in practice when it is you versus your team the guys that you are in the locker room with every day. Let alone what he thinks of himself amongst the other quarterbacks in the NFL playing against other teams. I would give any amount of money to hear him speak freely on that..

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