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I mean, I mean, I don't know if you I think it was a good All-American a c or D3. It is a good college wrestler and for him to get taken down over and over and over and over for a long time to get you guy. I mean by Olivera who's known for Jiu-Jitsu. I don't know. If Tony came in her or that first armbar was his arm was so fucked. He couldn't defend takedowns, but I was shocked I was shocked he didn't tap also cuz yeah, yeah, I mean that's happening like like my dick was crooked afterwards. That's how about oh my God why we jerking off during the plastic wage? I can't random things for cooking that for now Alonso. What's you did Tony is people saying the shell of his former self and I don't want to believe that he says, he's not none. What would you tell Tony? How would you direct Tony as far as his career? And what do you think of Ferguson right now? Well, I think Tony many needs to get around people and train cuz I hear he's training kind of like exclusively by himself or with a few people. So maybe he needs to mix it up with training pardons Partners. I don't know man. Maybe maybe that'll help them. Yeah. Yep. He looks like a covid-19 is affecting him cuz he looks different. So Sean your thoughts about Ferguson. Yeah, man. I actually did was able to watch that one back on our website, but it's I was shocked. He meant either Oliveira. Is that good or Tony is looking, you know like that bad. I was shocked that he kept getting taken down and control the way he was and he looked tired but normally never looks hot ever. You know, I never seen Tony little tired. Yeah. So if I may say, you know, you get old overnight and fighting and sometimes it just happens but could have been that day. She fights took a lot out of him or yeah. Yep bad, you know, just who knows when that case you fight was I mean that was the equivalent right on my car. You know, I mean that was bad news, man. So yeah, I just he definitely didn't like his former self. Yeah. I think I'll hear it's really really really good. I think he's really coming into his own actually Mister seven fight parlay, that would have paid be like Fifty to one on that Friday and I had one of one of my buddies told me Oliveira was going to beat Tony Ferguson. Do I'm telling you I'll be over skill and he's going to beat him and he bent the same parlay as me except that I live here and he had a fifty to one on it. So yeah, he told me yeah, I know the only that five bucks because I'm like, yeah, I have five hundred on that parlay so I watch my God and that's The House Always Wins. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm always bought a van as far as taking the the portrait the.

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