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I'm afraid here. And he broke down and started to cry, and he said I. Don't the person at the at the Capitol. Washington capital said look I don't WanNa. Make this personal. And he said this is personal. My government has abandoned me and I am afraid for my life. And you're not coming to help. When we know when there are no police. And when the government is corrupt and in bed with those who are looting in stealing. Who Do you go to? No one. You either die. Fighting or you are. You're ending your knee. So which ones are going to be America? There is a development with the supreme. Court we want to just Take a quick sidebar and and get this development STU yeah. Decision just came down from the Supreme Court about a case involving title seven the boy, the argument was about gay and transgender rights. The ruling comes down an employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender violates title seven as we extreme wing court. Who has now come out? And come and decided this in this fashion six to three ruling. The liberals of on on the on the six side Roberts as well and written by Gorsuch So that is the that is the ruling was a six three there several different dissenting opinions follow fell about the other. Justice but This is a six three ruling that says if you fire someone, it says sorry which you know. I, don't think this is happening an awful lot, but it has been a very controversial thing and gay or transgender. It's it's interesting how that would play out in a situation where you know. Someone changing from male to female in a role that was designed for a male in the middle of that. Would you be able to change them to another job? They would not be able to be fired based on this ruling however. So I'm not exactly sure how that goes. But it's going to be. For you to watch. I got news for you. If if Bert is my receptionist, because I'm not a sexist, but you have to ask. Yeah, but you hired a man I mean was a woman, not good enough for that job on. Oh, I know it's. It's a struggle, but burt is at the front desk and he's like hey, welcome to welcome to becks burgers. And you're you know you're fine. With bird sounded like that any comes in and east, dependable and everything else, but the next day he comes in in address. I'm Bettina and you'll be addressing me is Bettina and speaking of dress. What do you think is color? Match my eye shadow. And you would have to have a conversation with Bert or Bettina and say. For Tina's. Some fundamental things have changed and you now are not the first face. I want my customers to see Matt Hey. What are you saying I'm not lovely address? No, you're not lovely and address. And you're kind of year. You're spooking the customers. And and that's great. You can go do that someplace else where customers might expect. View to be or wouldn't be shocked, but at our Christian bookstore here, people. You're freaking people out. I don't think there's a I. Don't think there's a reason To not side with the with the business, unless you're going to control every aspect of that business, well as my reputation, you're arguing for hatred is what you're doing and would be no nine. They would say that you know what you will. What you're saying is oh well the transgender person at the front desk. That's not normal so therefore you want to change it well, it is. Let's let's come, can we? Can we just say what is normal? Let's define normal. Because I hate that word normal. What is normal? Normal is something that you would see Collingham. Natural, it'd be commonplace. Okay, it's commonplace. It is not commonplace to see a guy in address just not commonplace. Now there are places where it is more common, you know. The inner city is more is more common to see a lot of things you know. It's not commonplace in the urban city to see a cow. Does that make cows bad? No, it just means it's out of place. It's not normal for a cow to be wandering. The streets of New York City. How does this work the other way Glenn like if you? New York City there's a few famous places that are staffed completely by transgendered people, who or or or cross dressers and such, and that's part. Of the restaurant, basically you go in there and everyone. Everyone Lucky Chang's okay sure. If one of their workers. Decided they what this whole drag queen thing not working out for me anymore to go the other way. A suit. would. They be able to be fired. So I think in that case yes. Because you were specifically hired because you were. Either transgender transvestites, you can't specifically hire someone for not being a transgendered or transvestite. That's against the law so now I'll if you're if you're if you're store. Was You know we're not transgender? You know the restaurant is Taller Dick is? No but the the stick I'm actually standing up for the transgender person here I. Think I know anymore I think you are, but I think you're missing that they can't. You can't have that restaurant. It would be illegal. You can't have the transgender restaurant. That is exactly no, you can have. I know but I'm saying you can have a IM tra-. We are transvestite transsexual and you still you could. But why why? See! This is the problem with government getting involved. If you WANNA, have a all transvestite or no transvestite. That's fine if you if you if you. If you don't understand that the change you're making is a big deal and your employer might say I'm sorry. Susan and I love Ya as Susan I loved you as Fred, but I can't tell you I don't want you representing my company. Why because you know I don't i. don't but I need every advantage that I can get and having somebody greeting our customers is is not necessarily the best smooth this transition for. Mass population. 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