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Mercedes Benz of vans Joel Sherman had it first DD Gregorius is signing with the Philadelphia Phillies after five years in pinstripes DD is going to be heading down I ninety five our own sweetie Marty saying the Phillies have reached agreement with DD for a one year deal wow disrespectful that is incredible that hurts we warn you he's going to compile he's going a colossal disaster by the Yankees control it for your three year just a moment for call one think about it from Didi Gregorius is perspective they did not offer him a qualifying offer they didn't appear to offer him a map I don't know if they offered him a match org or any kind of counter offer he probably felt like we yeah we do the Yankees have my replacement Inglevert Taurus meanwhile Joe Girardi working his **** off to try to ET Gregorius on coming to the Phillies you know that calm essays have BDD just come here this will take care you next year we got other things we gotta get but listen trust me I'm a take care of you come here have your balls back season we don't want to pay you for what you did last year we know what you're capable of the few shows will light will will will buy and listen I'm at the ship I'm at the head of the ship Anne I know how important intended was you break that's everything a Joe Girardi cell into DD come here get right come healthy have have your regular season will give you a hundred million dollars next year and day yeah he bought it because you know what he wasn't here there from the Yankees because he was in there from the Yankees you're going to stay with the guys that you know that you've been fighting with that you've grown with that you replace them the the captain man if this is disappointing for one year one year deal they're going to give glabra they're going to give Brett Gardner probably one year eight million dollars they could gave DD one year fifteen million dollars he would it took that the seven over million dollars you can find the extra seven foot DD we don't know what the money is also I don't know if these get a hundred ever but he's going to get a lot yeah eighty if you look at what Hicks got yes I season and I and I am completely with the I understand DTCs a plus I I'm getting a one year deal out to prove it hit the market next year like you said yesterday in your hundred percent right look at the way this markets reacted it's probably not out form just yet coming off the engine a down season he's figure and look at the numbers people get now I can have a one year put up a good season a ball park much like the Yankees and Phillies gonna it'll I don't run and be in play as well I can understand for DD I I think it joins issue is we love this guy and we thought it was you could understand it if it was going to be this big contract they would have to give him but for a one year deal I mean this is the to me it's will make you the emergence of a may you as an MVP caliber player what he did they said we can play around the Mets games of this guy we got to give him a position in glass doubles at every position that deaf in some ways Brian cash from pro look at this and said I eat I found DD's replacement so if I'm going to shell out hundred million dollars for Gerrit Cole or maybe more if you're reading some of the reports coming out to San Diego the winter meetings then we got to save somewhere and they're trying to trade Jay Happel apparently to try and get that seventeen million dollars a box containing less we're looking at and do hard Davey Garci some like that you're getting Lynn door that's the surprise of the winter for the Yankees maybe maybe there's a corresponding move to be made I don't think that there is I think that it's a labor now it short detail may you let me read this study offense breaking news is powered by radio dot com sports brought to by the met mid size mattress from Mercedes Benz vans interesting about lemay here you guys saw that MLB did their first ever an all girl all MLB team got like an all pro team in the NFL local guys who made it on the first team Alonso DJ lemay hero and Jake up the grime on the second team a roll this chat and thought it was a little weird that cleaver tore as did not make that team but interesting I thought they were great these anyway wow that is shocking you wonder what else is a little bomb a bit of a bummer the Yankees don't get anything for DD walking away because they didn't extend him a qualifying offer so they because they were afraid he was going to take it so they don't even get a draft pick I mean if that's a shame I know that you guys Yankee fans out there you got to be bombed about this one because DD I know this because when I first came on the hair WFAN I made the mistake of saying the heck you should think about trading Didi Gregorius and I literally got death threats in my Twitter handle that might mention literally death threats you okay I'm I'm really my instant why I don't have time to think about I am really depressed right now corresponding move you know but if the late Gerrit Cole go to the angels and don't spend every dollar they can and they just let the her gorgeous walk I mean what I'll be doing what are we doing still got Bumgarner sign coal in the next hour on my shelf you're going to be out of fear right he's good do we always know when Israelis threat and the eagle set soprano he was from tender to the press one if you could afford one year no bread guard is going to get the one year all you need regarding allegedly fair after not offering the qualifying on there being no he's you know was over but there's a chance he would've taken when you go from the eighties he might have been hurt and you know now this deal was only for the Phillies or you know if you sold on the Phillies he might just said to the I guess I'm not giving you a one year deal listen there's a part of free agency and we see it most I mean Alan in basketball in the bar had a little bit when you hit free agency and you know the coaches were at your door at twelve oh one AM to try to to try to sell you on the jets and to prove a point but I don't think the Iraqis were trying to sell DD I mean we don't know behind the scenes if they made another offer if they made of on offer but it just didn't seem like he was a part of their plans and you know bar you are so right about this about the markets just moving and so I understand of Didi Gregorius didn't want to wait for the Yankees assigned Gerrit Cole to figure out what his future is you know Scott Boras said today that he thinks that this contract with coal you know this might go quickly will quickly to him means like February so DD I I get it he doesn't want to be held hostage by you know what that what the heck is going to their coal just one more thing I think we would be you know root for this is just club a fifty one a job he did stepping in for Derrick freaking GNL I mean that should not be forgotten I was such a hard hole for is not all dead and I also think if you're gonna mention Derek Jeter I think they're too does a lot of the reason why they didn't bring back I think they've already seen the back end of the thirties at shortstop and they don't they believe in use especially at that position and you know they'd rather like you to go you're too early in the year too late and if they would have to give a three four year deal at the time of the qualifying offer and that's probably what they assumed not knowing that he would end up going for when you deal but I don't think they want to pay anyone play shortstop in their into their mid thirties I don't think they want to anymore that tough day for Yankee fans Didi Gregorius going to the Philadelphia Phillies on a one year deal and also the indignity of having the Nike swoosh on the pinstripes how are you going to get The Tonight I mean that's the other crimes you know what it will treat everybody as the agent ever be the same for the Nike swoosh across the chest you what happened this uniform W. B. owner he who have you be may said what can we get to the B. C. Richard I mean you are retired yeah you X. the love town for dar you act like they're putting you know pigs blood all over the Yankee pinstripes it's a little swoosh yeah might as well be because that's it it's pinstripe severe lock and why what everyone on the show on the arms fine that chances Medford NY in pinstripes and nothing else you know what uniforms are gross now if we go every going that way we might as well put the names on the back then too that you might as well but you know what the heck is already because they sell their official jerseys that they sell like the one you have with Tanaka on the back says Tanach on the back right yeah they already have a million alternate jerseys I can't believe a small little swoosh offends you this month that's the those are alternate jerseys this is going to be every game that's sold I'm you can you don't mess with the pinstripes I would be fine with the gray road uniforms or putting like switch on the gray roads yeah even even the name on the back I won't like it but I can live with it to digital don't mess with the pin stripes on it I don't know like it's gonna be like a tramp stamp or something five to scarlet's who've played shorts comes along I mean everything is out the window I mean I don't even like you know when they do go bonkers as as great as it is I don't even love when they do the American flag hat for the fourth of July I love the Yankee home uniform I don't want to mess with you I kind of uniformity it is and you get it for eighty games you get it well yeah I guess you know but it's a lot of games that you get to see the perfect pinstripes I get okay with the NBA star below goes on their jerseys people were like man what's this got no one even cares you're not gonna care there's a big difference between the Milwaukee Bucks uniforms in the Yankees pinstripes police when I put my lan General Electric there's also the ocean at having like big like what is it simply say for bumble or whatever the hell fathers day and mother's day they with the pink and blue and the and this I think the proceeds of that those hats go to charity that's great I'm okay with that I'm not sure I know I said some of the American flag if that goes to some sort of wounded veterans on then I'm fine with that too but just means you're not gonna get from non I thought I'm just saying because I know that we don't I'm just no but I'm saying this is thank you this is just for Nike on acceptable unacceptable their their their cat okay the Yankees are okay with cashing out here Nike pays baseball to provide them with these uniforms because they want the advertising SO Major League Baseball and the Yankees are totally fine selling out yeah we DD with that Nike swoosh a little bump in pay bill I'm sure the answer that I play nice in a travesty the whole thing's a trap to schools all the goals it's been real when we lost a shortstop and most are uniformly see it every day indoor you'd be sitting there with a Glendora tattoo a name your new dog Lindores now you want to talk about you selling out stop it I've been.

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