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The idea that we should know it yeah and i think that would make the arrest of them look like even more of idiots and patsies like because like the fact that they couldn't see through that because this book kind of reminded me like these characters were definitely like grotesques i felt like not to an extent of like carrie but it definitely was like an uh an indictment on the hour on the need for jiang's another steven kuney look were luke basically a stand in for the devil comes to town with like a curio shop cells things that are like exactly what everybody's heart desires and also pits the all against each other so like one of the things or thursday a pair of on obese housewives who were best friends but also in competition with each other neighbors in overturning the book and they both love elvis and when they go to the shop the shop keeper like leveland something leland devil leland leland accusing leland d ethical as love ever feel even excuse me it is pronounced oh i realise we released mirror mirror today and i can't believe that we weren't thinking about as the satan character's name is lucy lucifer oh dirt she even mostly i'll use the eye doro looser dr i can't believe when we embarrassing agrees though he comes to town one of the house waves goes to the shop and there is like a signed.

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