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It's anything dot com I'm your host, Jennifer Viola, and I'm really pleased to be welcoming the folks from vital space is we have a Hana Yo column Who's the program director, and Jonathan Boyd, the executive director. Welcome Thank you. So bios. Bases is a fairly new organization. You can tell us a little bit about how you all started the organization you your mission is to sustain and enhance Santa Fe DS cultural vibrancy by creating affordable spaces, artists working in all kinds of media. And so, Jonathan, How did the organization come to be? Sure I a long time ago, had a background, doing some real estate investment and then became a furniture maker and my experience as a sort of coming on to the scene and being a furniture maker and realizing how accessible downtown market sort of spaces downtown are, too young and upstart businesses and arts really made me aware of that, and that just post with all the vacancies that I constantly saw, rotating through a downtown This as 90 years. Well, we are in arts destination. Why isn't something taking advantage of these vacant spaces and bringing the sort of young and vibrant energy that Santa Fe wants to show its tourists to our city and that's sort of the seed that started and grew over time and Through talking to clients through talking to other organizations on the big steps that the problem at the trajectory of vital spaces took was connecting with Anita Durst, who runs an organization in New York. That's basically Our model. I mean, she has been doing it for 25 years and she's flown out here and I threw out there. We used her model of engaging with temporarily spaces to create studios, and she helped us really get moving quickly. Sure, Yeah. So you do do you to create studios as well as exhibition spaces? It certainly started in my mind as more of an exhibition space because that's where I was in my thinking, But as soon as we got our first building on Otero Street The immediate need from the community Wass studio space, and I was envisioning this large exhibition space for artist showing their work and everybody just said, We don't have a space to create our work. We need a space tow have studios and so the project Being young and nimble, quickly responded to that and shifted our focus to creating mostly affordable studios. Well right now, that has to be really important for folks because I mean things have there were empty spaces before the pandemic. I can only imagine What is going Tio continue to be like during this, You know, really rough period of times. That's a great thing that you all are doing. How many different exhibitions have you have? Hannah? You're the program director. Tell us a little bit a little bit about your role in the organization. Yeah, I came on in October, so I haven't been with the organization too long. But my role as weapons and leaves have been adapting to what's needed. So the switch from exhibition to studio. I think Jonathan then hopes that artists would just use the space and do their own work. We're realizing that we needed more. Public facing projects as well. So I helped organize exhibitions and workshops and events. And so we've had. We have Ah. When we could we used to have open studios. A number of one person shows in a storefront on state makes on band. We have multiple exhibitions planned, but of course, are waiting until we're allowed to be open. The windows on the future, which we get to shortly but is exhibitions installations in Windows across Albuquerque, Santa Fe and House in partnership with the physio Project 5 16 Arts and that was a way to get Old money out to the artistic community because we're paying artist a statement for these installations and to also get work out invisible while our exhibition spaces are closed. Well, it's that's why I ended up calling you. Well. I saw one of the installations that is on Yana Street. And it's Janet Bosnians and use their name. Yeah, and that was just so incredible to see. And she has thes mannequins is sort of like a mix of Passion and color as well as they're all wearing masks. And, you know, the kids have masks on that. Even the dog has a mask on and I thought that was really interesting. And so that's part of a larger exhibition that you're doing, right? Yeah. So, Yeah, That's a great plan. It's really the tongue in cheek. Her idea was that high fashion would quickly catch up with the future in wit. We have to wear, not just masks that has not suits right. And so it looks light hearted but also fairly postapocalyptic. And then that's one. Uh, 20 Windows today, So that's a lot of windows. So are they. Is there an official opening for Windows on the future? I mean, official opening date. It opened July 1st. Okay. So is open on and the windows will be open through at least a month of July. It depends on the spaces were hoping some of them can stay open after that. Right Mass on our website at vital spaces dot order that lists all of the installations and have addresses so you could go find the great, That's great..

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