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Oh in london kit loeb who i am from johannesburg that of the just explained to us what ted stands for and what it's all about than had cornyn ribhi that since or technology pertain mend emphasizing edward regionalised here back in 1984 when the conference that it but now it's clearly become about a global conversation on ideas with spray leading in topics or the conversation instead of getting these tests here wiped clean of talk pigs and what's important about having tat in africa do you think i think i think for me because i was here ten years ago when ted lieu both came to africa and letting you you can never really 'have is statistics she conversation we found including africa in it and what since he came ten years ago has changed in terms of africa in terms of economic development in turkey am too technology intense the business same the main thing that i can say has changed to ease the funds manned of technologies on the continent but their heads in a narrative thought bow africa by the aftertaste growing and and and i've watched what what they're growth has been will by in years.

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