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We go Do this on a daily ISS is sad, Really. A 31 year old man was dining under a tent outside when police say a white SUV pulled up and multiple offenders exited before firing shots. Killing him and wounding the four other adult diners. Police said they have no suspects in custody, a search and rescue mission in Lake Michigan, out of mineral harbor transition to a recovery effort last night. Our department divers who are searching for a man in his thirties who fell off a boat crews used thermal cameras to try and locate the man, but so far his body has not been found. Will make sure to bring a mass with you to court. More from W Gs Roger Bad ish. It's the Illinois Supreme Court now, saying anyone entering a courthouse in the state should be wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of Corona virus. You order also applies to judges, Court staff, attorney jurors and others. Over the weekend, Illinois recorded its 8/1000 Corona virus related death. Roger vanish. W G A NEWS Black Panther Chadwick Boseman died over the weekend at age 43, a victim of colon cancer, a sickness yet kept secret in a four year long medical battle. Kelley Carter is a SR entertainment writer at the undefeated who interviewed Bozeman many times about Israel's depicting iconic black figures on the movie screen before he was Black Panther. He was Jackie Robinson. He was James Brown. He was Thurgood Marshall. He portrayed three iconic figures. In American history, but most certainly pretty figures that were important to the black community. And so there's this sense of of ownership and protection that I think a lot of black folks really connected with and and felt about Chadwick and then on top of all, that he then becomes the Black Panther. Last night's virtual Via Mays was dedicated to Bozeman. Also there, Lady Gaga bringing home a moon Person for Artist of the Year Gaga and Ariana Grande, a both one song of the year for the song Rain on Me, which also won the best collaboration. The weekend was this year's winner for his song, Blinding Lights. W G N Sports. White Sox beat Kansas City Royals last night 52. And the White Sox visit Minnesota tonight the per game at 6 35. The first pitch with any maser and Darrin Jackson at 7 10 on 7 20, w. G. N and the Cubs beat the Cincinnati Reds 10 1 there in Pittsburgh tonight. Forecast not from the W. J in Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Mike Jansen. Warmer to start off the work week. Under partly cloudy skies looking for highs in the low Jim mid eighties, Monday afternoon Monday evening, We could see a few showers Most of us will miss out on that rate ball with partly cloudy skies overhead will look for lows in the mid sixties. Mostly cloudy to chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms with highs in the mid to upper 70. A few showers can't be ruled out early here on Wednesday and then look for decreasing clouds. With highs in the low to mid eighties from the weather Center meteorologist Mike Jansen and I'm James Sears on.

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