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To drive a truck that it was important to me. We're we were changing people's lives. And this is just the beginning. If we really, really dig deep into energy independence, and more. It's going to be great for raising the standard of living for Americans. Now, what was the president's position on Israel and Jerusalem? Yeah, he did that to then they moved the capital from Tel Aviv, and Golan Heights. Yeah. He did that too. And he promised to get out of the Iranian deal. These sanctions are largely responsible for the Iranians actions. Now off their coasts than these two tankers that got hit. That was them. That was the revolutionary guard. And now taking out a draw. Tone in American drone in international waters. The president's very clear that he doesn't wanna get into long entanglements were less likely to have that happen because we are where we are today. He said, oh, yeah. Ran made a very big mistake shooting down that US drone in international waters over the straits Hormuz, and he said, no, I'm not going to stand for that the same time he left open the possibility. He opened a door. He opened the door that said, you better take responsibility blame somebody because if you don't stop, they're going to be hit so hard so fast and nobody's going to know the moment it's going to happen. That's my prediction, and he said, these comments along Canadian alongside Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau find it hard to believe. It was intentional could have been someone who has loosened stupid, you know, acting on their own. Now, does the president really believes that I don't my guess is no. No. But I think the president is giving them an opportunity to think, because if the weight, the might the power the majesty even of the United States. Military is unleashed the way I think Donald Trump would do it versus the way say, more conventional, or establishment, presidents would do it. I think he is going to bomb the living daylights out of them now. That's my thinking on it, but he's not gonna let you know, and he said this mistake, and we're not going to stand for it. And one thing I think if let's look at the president's track record does. He mean what he say. What he says. Yes. Does he fulfilled promises? Yes. Does he want long international entanglements in the Middle East? No, a we less vulnerable in terms of now that we've become energy independent for the first time in seventy five years, it's less important house, but it is an opportunity. And I think the president's more than prepared for it, and how this plays out is going to be in the mullah's hands. Do they do they are they smart enough to take the slight opening Trump as giving them or do they get bombed to smithereens? I don't know. Because I think that's what the options will be. Hey, by the way, don't be fooled by these imitator companies that say, oh, they're going to get you out to your timeshare because they're phonies and it, you know, what really pisses me off because just like fake news. Well, they're trying people actually using my name because I'm friends with, and I support Brian, and Karen at lonestartransfer dot com. Oh, Sean Hannity endured. No, he doesn't I only support Brian, and Karen at lonestartransfer dot com. Their friends. I know them. So if you hear anyone else told you that I support her endorsed, a company that fake news, too, because I've been saying for years, that, you know, whatever state you wanna go to Florida, Texas. You know, Brian and Karen are in Texas. Let me tell you something you're in a timeshare. You're paying all this money, every year you never use it. In other words, you like Linda, who bought it, what almost twenty years ago, and you want to get out of it, legally.

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