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Raisin so I think the obvious answer. Genuine spirit. She's mom. She's She's scandal Jason. Because she got her show canceled for being pregnant. She is. Has A has family drama which they won't have. They won't ever be able to talk about. she's not really doing much and I just think that she would kind of have that like Chevron Monster Energy to add to the people and you features like ten. On the fact that all of these people are like grown up. Disney channel and nickelodeon stars so. Yawn like. Other. People just something to think about. Okay. Hi e Bobby calling after listening to last week. Who's there episode and you're talking about he palmer's millennial view and I have to say, I, think he made some great choices but you missed out on a crucial wildcard, which is Caroline Calloway. The energy she could bring to that table is just Unmatched and I would love to see it. Personally, I would like to see it. I would like to see it. Okay. Well, just wanted to get your thoughts on Caroline Calloway at view millennial table. Crunch. Crunch women do belong to Lynn than. Caroline. Kelly belongs on the. Island to Bobby I was listening to the segment about who would be the best palace. Perky Palmer show and I really think that. Like a great option for someone who can do a segment who is also? Kinda unpredictable and has strong personality like a strong personality is Jay. Wow. From the Jersey Shore she's super recognizable and then on her instagram she. Is has a segment where she cooks with her kids and she's always doing like cocktail. And so I just think that she. Could really bring the right balance can show. I don't really know what jails politics are. Because I don't actually follow her I just check in or sometimes but I think that she's a through the right flavor like the right fit for this. good. On He meantime. Client it gives you the best suggestion for. Another host at the tables and I think for a chaotic host, maybe not evil but can't catic semi evil. Sarcastic evil would be sie lay. Her interim. I faded show ovationhair very, very chaotic and I think she would. Just serve the pot like crazy easy. So that is my suggestion. I who was your favorite suggestion that you heard? Jay? Lynn Spears was a great one demons. Bears was very smart one of course she's like she's like a young mother because we were because we're kind of stuck on the like a conservative leaning young mother to have that argument. But I, think we forgot we forgot kind of a category of like pundit that we really could have dug into more. But I think though maybe not our journey like we thought of more like Ceelo celebrities when we could have thought of. More like because you you've a lot of like kind of yours and yeah, like people like that because people did call in and say like like authors names, you know what about like these different or like writers in the media a lot of them were mentioned during I mean and it's like, yeah that actually would be a good fit for the show but we're just thinking of the ideal see list line-up. But yeah, I mean they were good suggestions to last comment last comment. Hi Lindie Bobby I'm listening back to. Of. Who Weekly and I got back to the North Dakota one where you're talking about Josh Jamal and I am not going to bring up anything but let's go to but I live I'm going to school in Fargo. and. One of my roommates was working. We see at North Dakota. Board of Tourism on a commercial he's like in film and. Trust do well honest weeks ago, and when I was like, don't mention Josh. Jamal. So we can't figure out what happened but Josh is no longer getting paid by the state of North Dakota. They have decided that he is not a good brand ambassador. Thanks bye. Josh do mel has finished his run as the ambassador for no north. Dakota this is an important thing to note. No longer affiliated with north. Dakota, what happened there? Whatever happens Josh them all. Well he is affiliated with a new movie on Netflix, randomly stumbled across the other day called like the new wife for something the new husband, the lost husband, the law. It's Josh Duhamel Mosley Bib in a very lifetime. Ask Rahm Kami thing that was quite high on the net flicks chart numbers. Nobody's. I'M GONNA WATCH IT I'm definitely GONNA, watch it. It's right up my alley. The clip was just like my friends over there. Think I'm dead at you have to approve it. And he kissed her and then you. Like that thing..

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