Donald Trump, Greta Van Susteren discussed on The Savage Nation


The form of uh believing that we are superior to the next man because we are quote conservatives we are preach for your wish stern for a miracle an old liberals even those who fight in the wars even those who a paratroopers was still might be liberals there are no good you're not as good as those that's a myth that's a toy that you can play with another toy i mean this this requiest thinking to actually not make it so simplistic like damn good republican bat whatever or you know we're good are bad that's an easy way to do it is a dumb way to do it it's a toy a toy for dummies it's a political toy for dumbbells it's not that clear i'll give you an example the environment i lobbied very hard last thursday efrati to reverse the order on the elephants it was this show the did it i don't care who took credit for it i don't really care is like all the johnnycomelatelies lately say the elected donald trump who stabbed him in the back for you straighten amenity wanted was something i loved trump a year there were no trumpers anti trump hate trump this trump then when he wanted to sudden these best friend the same thing on the on the on the elephants i know i did it i know you did i know the show did it but trump never said thank you thank greta van susteren a woman who has no television show i go figure this one out who is advising him he's the wanting to is thank god to fester for advising him on the elephants she here's a woman who has no show or piers morgan noshow america dino of heard by twelve uh insects why does he not say the savage nation thank you why does in the on the show who is it was keeping donald trump from you who tell me how it is which geniuses it in the white house of saying you know don't go near the savage nation you don't need them the.

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