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Two items with which to t of this next story, first of all Merriam, Webster Dictionary people say they are going to revise the entry for the word racism to more accurately reflect how systemic oppression is. Item number two of the recording academy. The people in charge of the grammys are going to drop the word urban from their award categories. Couple of record labels have done the same thing drop in that word. Radio stations are moving that way as well. Marketplace's Eric Barris, now on what's in a word after tyler, the Creator won a grammy in January. He had some thoughts about the way his music is categorized. That urban word is just a politically correct way to save the inward to me. There's urban. Contemporary Urban Latino Urban. Gospel and more, the word really only means one thing, says Carson a professor of hip hop at the University of Virginia. Genre categories have attempted really to correspond to the bodies of the people who make the music more than describing what we might observer here to be unique characteristics of any of the music. This being produced because there's a range of music being produced there tyler the creator. But there's also poppy music hip hop, even country. This isn't the first time the music business has changed the language. It uses to refer to music by black artists. In nineteen, forty, two billboard magazine unveiled a new chart call the Harlem hit parade. Then! It became grace records, then rhythm and Blues, then soul, the phrase urban contemporary took off in the nineteen seventies, using different words for music by black and white artists hide the unequal ways they've been promoted and paid, says Jennifer Lynn Stover author of the sonic color line shapes the way we think, and understand how music industry works and it really highs, all of these practices over the years the grammys are gonNA. Use The word progressive, instead of Urban Eighty Carson at Uva says that too could be problematic. We just probably have to be careful. The you know like the changing of the words don't end up. You know just being another, we end up with another euphemism. That isn't really that different. Another euphemism that just ends up meaning music by black artists. I'm Eric Barris for marketplace. Go pretty much everybody. It seems we do basically all of our meetings around here. Marketplace on zoom by its metric video conference companies quote daily meeting participants. That's the phrase they use. That's hit three hundred million and with success like that obviously comes scrutiny. There's a whole encryption thing back when quarantine started. If you remember that and today, censorship and China American activists who held Zoom Meeting to commemorate the tournament crackdown back in Nineteen, eighty-nine had his account turned off from Washington marketplace's Scott. Tong has now won. The Zoom meeting in question was joined by two hundred fifty activists discussing the ten denman killings from thirty one years ago. Some logged on from China. When the meeting host had zoom account disabled days later, it was no surprise to Sarah Cook. She's with the human rights group Freedom House and says tech companies often target Chinese users around the world. Somebody will post something on their account that is deemed to be sensitive in China and Lincoln will then send them a message telling them that their profiles now no longer visible the people in China late yesterday Zum restored the user account, but it also said in a statement that it's necessary to comply with local law around the World Zuma's customers and data servers in China Graham Webster is with the Stanford Cyber, policy. Policy Center, it's possible that zoom feels political pressure from China that would lead it to try to stamp out discourse around the that the Chinese government wouldn't like. This comes a tough moment for a company that soared in the pandemic. It faces stiff competition to host video meetings and zoom has another issue is technology is not the most secure, says Justin Sherman at the Atlantic Council, think tank which potentially means that zoom or other entities could be turning over access to calls or listening in on conversations, many multinational firms now banned zoom and today's several professors who teach China. Studies said they won't use it either..

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