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Styles. Only she's really educate your things but if you consume something orally <hes> is just as good or better than avi believe it or not. She'll tell you that it's it's a common misconception that hydrate you better <hes> but she'll so you that that's that's a little bit of miss. If you consume an orderly it's the same thing <hes> so. I think that we don't all have to go back to the same way in because what'll happen is guys are not gonna move would they're gonna do is try to squeeze down and try to find other ways to make the week in gaza going to start getting killed because i'll be honest with you julian and fight in the same way in the fight at one fifty four not right now he could've when he was younger but not right now he just couldn't couldn't get everything back in and most of these guys. They'll live team this but i'm telling you choose most of these guys walk around fifteen into twenty pounds over some of the guys like jarrow her they take it to the extreme with fifteen or twenty pounds over their way and wait is common so you gotta welterweight. He's going to be about one sixty five and nobody's going to admit that but i'm telling you is the truth. If you got the fucking julian nell to wait joy midway. We won't be about one seventy. One seventy five the big ones be about one eighty one eighty five. I'm telling you the truth so if they did need that these guys are not gonna move up they're going to do is they're gonna stress the body out more anymore and you're going to pick up little things from m._a. And stuff where you drink a bunch of watering compete at all out and sit in this room and sitting that room and get the last little bit of weight out and people are gonna get hurt more you just gotta just educate people on rehydrating in a lot of these trainers. Just don't know no better giving fucking news gatorade after the way. I see doozy and pizza. They just don't know how to rehydrate is different things you can do you were rehydration as far as having different kinds of salts in your body the whole water and doing different things and and allows the water to get back on your brain the thirty six hours before the fight. I think that traders need to be more educated and i think the guys in the commission has to be more educated and more importantly the doctors have to be more educated kid because when you got guys just wait and then they go in there and then they take him punches because that's ninety percent of the problem. That's happening you too much weight. The water's not getting back when your brain you take him punches in law sustained fight and then you get brain damage and you get hurt so the doctors they examine these guys before the fight and it will let you know when the guy is be hydrated and then something is not right you know so it's it's a collective thing but i don't think we should go back to the same way because i don't think the fighters will move up because every ninety nine percent of the fighters in boston or shoot if it was saying they weigh in they will be a we hired and they're not gonna do that. Manny pacquiao now floyd mayweather a rare fighters where they pretty much walked around at their weeks a fighter ally to you and tell you that it does but nobody does that in this error but that's there won't be no clear danger hypothetically. Everybody moved up at the end of the day. No i know julian ain't a fifty four. He go to sixty. He's going to be still fighting the fake fifty four this. They're moving all sixty. He's still gonna fight hymie you know at sixty and not only that this should be a committee of trainers and things like that because how many amateurs damages don't you know like how many you tell me. You didn't watch devante coming up. You know former like you know these guys in your area. So what i'm i'm saying like with enough trainers in the committee..

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