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Young how much and an a few million krona we across lfm see you you can declined by on i two u s dollar on a serious us still your ramona you're not even on the euro out twelve sanders us okay that's really impressive because i feel like one of the easiest businesses to start is a services business and as long as you don't get sucked into it for the rest of your life you learn a lot by doing a service business because you get deep in your customers business rate and those one room when you stop you can use the subscription miss asked monuc to some extent so let's howard how i actually gone few months i got money frontal dishes how did you got ta know so faces at that time it was normal who sold server in space and just had a subscription of i don't know a few hundred dollars among you would have maintenance fee an old air come together reason recur revenue sec went to sitting together website for them you're also giving them the hosting package and charging them for the hosting and as a result you've got ta you got sas type revenue yeah and i sold them eliason off how does your system work week grew made some different modules put them together and the debt those were shelled as the subscription so instead of getting a lot of money when i felt the web page i got both a lot of money and then led the subscription model shown that brought in a lot of money so i quit exited people so the company had only five an employee spot again that was enough to to begin begins at okay company at that time how waco man all right that's impressive so you're you're a guy who is in his early twenties already sold the company you were starting to build up other companies and then you come up to the most dramatic most daring business at the mall which has billie app it's not easy to create software it's not easy to create tit like handle people's accounting you did it i want to find out how you.

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