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But like you literally just caught a I can't even follow because you cut a promo on too many people. Meaning that you have put over so many people you're not currently work with which is again, very good strategy in your all, right? A couple more here. And then I'm gonna bring Mike back on. How should current? And this is where I realize you have to be able to delicate how should current ESPN feel about management's loyalty to them given that you're a very loyal, very well liked employees and were let go pretty much at your first transgression if you wanna call it a transgression. Yeah. I think you'd alterly- rich all actions have consequences. I think ultimately, you know, whenever you work for a company, whether you're working for the ethic or the fan five ninety shot today. Fidel Bob mccowan the whole crew back there Toronto. You know, you're cutting still cutting. The rich. You're at the Bahasa them. Right. It's a subjective business. Even what we do. Right. Like, whatever you're on air. People think you're good. You're not good. It really is subjective. So, you know, if new boss comes and also they like, they don't like there's only so much you can control. So I think you know, in this instance, while I appreciate those who were sympathetic to me and raise the points that you made I it's kind of out of my hands. So I don't think it's something that you can lose sleep over because you say that was the session that was made. And and while I wish it had been different the time. You know, I'm really excited. We're where I am now and the adventures that lay ahead. So I think I know it's it's maybe not the best answer. But I think if you work at ESPN, and you have a good relationship with your bosses, and it is an excellent bar there. And certainly I miss all my friends that I worked with specifically. They were always supportive of me. Then I think you kind of focus on that. And you don't say, hey, what happened Adnan, you just say? Hey, listen, I'm enjoying my job. I'm having a good time here. And I hope that that continues. I don't think you wanna let something. External to you affect your enjoyment of the job that make sense. This does I appreciate that are two more. And then we'll we will move on. Do you believe the SPN leaked the story of your firing? You'd have to ask a smarter guy like yourself or Jamila or Andrew Marsh. And he's the guy who broke the story. Andrew, obviously is too good reporting to Sparta guy to reveal his sources, but I don't I don't I don't have any deal that kind of stuff. I'm not smart enough for that. Okay. Fair last one on that can you at least confirm that you did not leak it. I can for that rich. Yes. I did not leak my own. Termination appreciate that. All right. We will move onto another topic. I appreciate you answering those questions. All right. Mike one of the things that I feel like Franken tangibly over here middle, AVI. Got me waiting in the long. My brother comes in here. Scummy waiting in the lobby. I know. Well, listen, it's too. Unfortunately, like, we could do solar. Podcast with you, Mike. I'm here to be here. I'm happy to be here. Well, this is I mean, you know, you have the beautiful cadence thirteen studios in Manhattan. Hopefully, someone's getting a drink of all good GM, shuffled subscribe, right review. Kek a keto one vodka bar there. So Mike one of the one of the I saw this Peter king's column today as I read, and it was about coaches after the age of sixty seven and what their records were in the NFL, which I believe is Bill bell checks age now at sixty seven, and you know, conventional wisdom would be that. You you have let me let me rephrase that you have to throw out whatever your conventional wisdom of is when it comes to what you perceive to be coaches that pass a certain age because nobody has the resume Abella check prior to that. So my question for you is one realistically, how long do you think? Bill Belichick wants to coach and to could he be one of the guys where there literally is no drop off into his seventies versus his sixties, fifties, etc..

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