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It's been heavier on the west Seattle bridge with additional traffic on east marginal lower Spokane and on first and fourth avenues coming from the south downtown. A little later districts previously in thirteen. Injury. King County metro says the water taxi carried more than twenty three hundred people Wednesday with room for twice that metro did another seventy four standby bus trips. But both it and sound transit say they saw no service delays because of traffic in Seattle. Ryan Harris, KOMO news and Microsoft has announced a commitment to put five hundred million dollars toward creating and low income housing in our area and not too surprisingly local politicians, and nonprofit leaders are greeting the announcement with great enthusiasm. We get that part of the story from komo's Corwin Hake. Elected officials attending Microsoft's housing announcement. Thank you, Brad. Thank you, Amy. Thank you, Microsoft, Seattle mayor Jenny durken. Applauding executives Brad Smith and Amy flood for recognizing the region's success story may not be sustainable the people who work in that region. Cannot live in that region. Former Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says over the past ten years too. Many of king county's teachers firefighters. Nurses and other public servants have faced a difficult choice between either living so far away that they're commuting hours to get to work or being financially burdened by having too much for percentage of their household income that goes simply to housing crisis is not quite the same as homelessness, but these leaders say it's certainly related because they note lack of affordable housing is a primary cause of homelessness. Corwin hake. Komo news. And we're still on track for the link light rail north extensions opening and a couple of years that work on the elevated tracks and three stations is roughly seventy percent complete with pieces like escalators going into the underground station. At Roosevelt way, can really reason is with sound transit. We put in about four hundred fifty thousand man hours, so far since station construction started. So we've got a lot of work into this north link light rail is due to open in two thousand twenty one Washington state's attorney general has Petit and nine states navy on notice Bob Ferguson says he intends to join a lawsuit. Challenging the navy's process of scraping. The hulls of decommissioned ships deter general says that leads to the ongoing pollution of Sinclair inlet at harm, salmon and orcas. He's pointed to a navy study that found the level of pollutants released has far exceeded Washington state standards twenty four seven news, the news you want when you want it on KOMO news. I'm axiom frost now an update from the Harley exteriors. Komo's sports desk. Big week for husky hoops on model again it began last night as the huskies hosted the Stanford cardinal and beat them eighty two sixty four Washington improves to foreign Owen Pac twelve play in Spokane fifth-ranked zags hosted Loyola Marymount the BULLDOGS win seventy three to fifty five the Seahawks have yet to secure quarterback. Russell Wilson past the two thousand nineteen season. But they've managed to Inca Wilson's backup for next year. The hawks signed former first round pick Paxton Lynch to a one year deal was a clean sweep for the huskies for the Morris trophy awards one where coaches nominated and players vote Caleb mcgarry gets the Pac twelve award for. Best offensive lineman in the league.

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