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Sorry. I don't have my car. You don't know the batteries dead. I came over to ask Bush quickly, ROY. You can do to help. Judge. They have to pump up this time. Let me take it for a while. I can do a judge. I'm gonna do my. Nine in good shape. I'm long winded. I'll say you are takeover judge. Oh, thank you. One one. Ready? You watch. It LeRoy I'm backing out. Oh, I. Good boy standards dash to the hospital. What now? Yes. Up very slowly. Well, let's get back to the great Gildersleeve in. Spite of a leaky automobile tire. He got his niece Marjorie safely to the hospital. Feels better now that she's in the capable hands of his girlfriend nurse, Catherine Milford. Anything? I can do. I'm afraid it's out of your hands now track. Morton, why don't you in the judge just sit here and relax. Yes. Guilty. We can sit here and look out the window. See here's Levi, LeRoy where he's climbing that tree. I guess he was to be close to the scene. Awesome. It's too bad. Leroy isn't old enough to come to the maternity ward. Better raise the window and wave. He sees you guilty. Leroy. This is a quiet zone. We don't know yet. We're waiting. Quick. Leroy, so cute. This is quiet occasion for little libra. It is for all of us. You would have those bombs. We. Doc, Martin stop worrying to Macy's. Here will good I'll go back Marjorie now and leave you to here in the father's room, by the way. Where is the father? You'll I've been wondering about that too. Very stayed home in Casey phones. Oh, I hope he's here in time. How much time is there? Not very much. You're going to be a grandfather before you know, it. Yes. Yeah. Judge. I know how you've look forward to this moment after raising Marjorie from a little child giving her in marriage. You privileged to be present. At life's greatest moment when the nurse appears says those beautiful words. It's a boy or girl as the case may be you'll be wonderful judge. I wouldn't miss it for the world. He's one thing though. Broncos should be here. Words, I guess he should be be any place. We had him convinced the baby wouldn't be here today. And wonder if I could find him. If you leave the baby may come what you're gone. I know. Marjorie wants him here. And he wants to be here. This is a big moment in both their lives. You're right. You're absolutely right. Could be a long while yet. I might have time to find him and get back. Don't you think? Judge. What do you think? I ask you what you thought. I don't know you for goodness sake. What are you going to do? Why am I stalling Bronco has to be here? Don't leave judge stay right in this room. Where are you going to find that boy going to look, I don't know? I'm Greg Belen. You're listening to the great Gildersleeve right here on KOMO wax. Hello. I'm Trojan, man. Today. I'd like to talk about mixing it up now. And then. A wise man once said variety is the spice of life. I was that wise man, and I was actually misquoted whatever they said was that variety is the spice of six and.

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