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The Cardinals is right hander Alex Reyes, who misses low and away ball one to Hassan Kim. The Cardinals trailing Reyes is the cardinal closer on he has pitched extremely well. This year got an E R E of old 45 is the one who was fouled back by Kim. One and 1 18 appearances. 20 innings on Lee. Eight hits allowed 17 walks, though you've heard that story about the Cardinals, but 27 strikeouts. In those 20 innings. A guy with a big arm is dealt with years of injuries. 11 is up high ball to originally intended that he was gonna be a big time starting pitcher, but he is morphed into a Very good reliever right now for ST Louis. The walks not withstanding Lane Thomas in the game and left field right now for the Cardinals as they double switch again, But you want to Kim is low Ball three. Race has not given up the whole brothers here, but yeah, the arm surgeries at the elbow and some other issues, But here he is in a spot and not, you know, too uncommon. I mean, Adam Wainwright. One of his teammates, a captain on that team. It's been in the front and Bennett the back end 31 in there and 97 3 and two on Kim, and I'm sure Dan's able to you know, over time help. Players like Alex Reyes sort of make the transition in terms of mentality and tell the difference between a starter and closer and how you go about things. Right hander rocking into a set position now kicks and fires and he misses low ball four and he has walked the leadoff man, so that's 18 walks in 20 innings. Given up and again that you love the arm on you love this stuff, and you love the fact that he's gotten all the saves. But your margin for air is so much smaller when you're giving up about a walk for in it. Maybe that's his comfort zone. You get somebody on base. All right, distracts him a little bit. Doesn't think too much and then executing. Which is it means just that, er, a 0.45 doesn't seem like it's sustainable with all the you know the rate of free passes issued, but he gets it done. John and Really, the batter and breaking ball misses just low ball one and really coming on in a double switch. She's in left field. Another one of the guys who we've talked about called up for the miners to fill in. For those who are on the covert. I am on the season one for four with a walk, right handed batter outfielder. Him the lead it first and the one owed a breaking ball, Mrs Lowe, two balls and no strikes and my shield getting his high leverage relievers into this game, even though the Cardinals are trailing Because they got blown out last night and they lost the night before and they've got an off day tomorrow and you know they're they're rested so he may as well use him and hoped they could keep the team close and give the offense chance to get back into it. Tuo low again, and it bounces away from Molina. But he hustles after it about 15 ft to his left, and Kim will not risk it, so he's still at first, But it is three and oh, Now on and really Thank you for the Cardinals. Now, with walk at issued 25. There's three games. Syriza's that ties the most. They've given up in a three game series since 1900. There's a generous strike on the inside corner three and one or they would have set a record They don't want to set. Padres five, Cardinals three Runner at first, nobody out bottom a snap throw to first and diving back in his Kim, looking ahead to the top of the ninth inning. Cardinals will send up the bottom of their order, which right now is Beethoven. The seven spot Thomas in the eight and more off in the ninth and mark, my lance ends up in the pen for San Diego. 31 fastball popped up right side on back in the seats three and two. One of those huge kangaroo hops, office seed or a railing or something, and some lucky fan caught it on the second balance the easy banks Now time requested by and really, it's a play. San Diego wins tonight, They will remain a half game back of the Giants. The Giants beat Pittsburgh earlier tonight. Giants 24 16 Padres would be 24 in 17 with a win tonight 32. And did he go? Yes, he did. Runner was going on the play and is in there safely on a very awkward looking slide. By Kim Feet first wound up lying flat on his back, and he's rubbing his left knee now, and he's a little bit shaken up. That was not a good look and slide out of second base when he does steal the base, trying to look at a replay here and see what happened. First of all, nasty backhanded picked by Molina. Come up and have a shot at camp. That could have easily gotten the backstop. Use left foot might have stuck on the bag. Little bit. Maybe. Yeah, I think it seemed that way they have. It's all right. Yeah. Brian O'Grady over one, and he'll take a fast ball low. One ball one strike so Kim in scoring position with one out of the bottom of the eighth. The potteries already up 5 to 3. Grady struck out back in the sixth inning. We have. The bench has been getting used a lot, even by national League standards. In the last couple of nights, Watto in a slow curve bounces in blocked by Molina to another. Any pitches in the dirt. Getting outta your Molina's blocked in his life. There's no telling, you know, I'm gonna say like that 10,000 number you know, it's like that, huh? Out liars, Right? Get out 10,000 hours, 10,000 balls! The dirt. You know, I'm going to say a good Gillian to Ocean for a strike Two and one buddy way were talking between innings. Our friends on the TV side had a shot of Molina in the dugout after his last at bat in the top half of the inning. And I mean, he's locked in right deep in thought locked in brooding a little bit. Maybe that He made it out that his team is in jeopardy of getting swept. But you can see it's easy to see. He cares as much about winning now, as he did when he broke in as a kid way back when, Yeah, I just mean special player. Third of A nice, successful line of catchers and his family from Benji Molina. Jose Molina on Yadi. You know the best of the three and all were very good. 21 fastball. Just down and away Ball three on if you had a hall of Fame vote doesn't get your vote. Yeah, he does. Yeah, I'm with you. Why don't we focus so much right? Because offenses like the name of the game and you want to see you know, short stops and catchers that not only play great defense, but they hit bombs, you know, and I O P s and all that stuff, But Reyes walks another fastball Low ball four second walk. He gives up so 1st and 2nd 1 out with Padres up 53 Bottom eight. Gets tougher to put a number on defense, although I guess it can't be done. Reasonably well. But you know, one of the dominant defensive players at any position over the last 20 years is top of the order Tread Grisham..

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