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And then, you know, Steve Alford with a stupid nineteen Eighty-four haircut. And whatever comes in and runs the program into a ditch. See this is what? A detachment Ramona made a very good point. Yes, it is about the California's in the coach K's, and you know, all those types of guys if you bring in the right coach to UCLA UCLA is enough of a blue blood enough of a team that has a school that has enough that if you bring in a coach like a nose probably not going to happen. But Billy Donovan if something happens with okay, see, and they just fall apart and Billy Donovan doesn't he's his contract has got picked up for next year. But if something happens they fall apart they go out on the floor. They fired him you bring in Billy Donovan, the UCLA program result shoots up. It's only half. I'm telling you. It's only half of because Calabar is relevant. California gets these six guys who are one and done ceiling gets you realize that Steve Alford, despite how terribly was he had three top five recruiting classes. But he's going to go. Recruits itself of them. No, it doesn't. None of those guys are Zion. Williamson the where you talk about it wherever the I know I know the names of three calls on the east coast. No, I'm here. I know the names of three college basketball players you like, that's it. That's all it's all I know. And they all play for Duke because they're all the one and done guys who are going to be out of. I don't know great. You got a great recruiting class. But they're not the people that anybody talk about nationally, the they're not the Cantanzaro ball was one of those guys that was one of them and Lonzo did UCLA really recruit, Lonzo it'd Lonzo just decide to go to UCLA. It's very possible. But that's what that will Elke that would go against your point. Then UCLA recruits itself he wanted to go to UCLA because of what it does we're wanting to. The Laura wanted him to be close and all that he wanted him there at UCLA because usually gets guys into the NBA. And that's where the guys stick advantage over. When Ben Howland was here. There was an you cannot even deny this. There was a bend Howland system behind it where if like, oh, he's been Jalan player. So he's going to be good in the NBA. And look what happened knows candidate. Because they actually what the the knock on. Holland was is that he doesn't show people. How good they were going to be by the time. They got to the NBA he's playing defense. So what he did with putting also? Westbound gets the NBA. Everybody's like oh damn. He's actually good. Like like, he the the the feeling was that Howland limited people inside the limited defensively. Yes offensively. That's ethan. Guys, look at these guys that played under under Ben Howland how they play defense in the NBA. They're good defenders. I mean, there's just no Russell Westbrook was first team Pac twelve I mean. He was a very good defender. There's all the most these guys that come from us Darren collison. Right. They're known as good good defenders. And this. Erna follow was a good. Looking for a long time. Earl Watson stuck around role player. He's earlier anyway. But yes role player, but still the ones that were at the top were at the top. Kevin love were was a superstar. Zach LeVine was brought in by van Hallen. There are the there are any guys like Calipar in coach Kerr made men like these you don't just become Billy Donovan was a made man. And if he comes to CLA, if something happens, you know, what you know, he took two he went to national champion the culture around. It is different in the culture on college sports is different. You get the right guy in the right? Nice guy. Duke isn't going to have the same deal that coach K hat. He's going to be dependent on DIGI get Zion this year. Not. And that's what you gets built twenty five years. You're talking all you're saying what you're talking about though. And you're talking about how what they're recruits, you don't see go look at the recruiting classes top five recruiting classes with an awful terrible Dhingra telling you that UCLA can't be good again. I'm telling you that the idea that people will. Care that UCLA? You have the right coach people care..

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