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The year and speaking of all that president trump worked a democrat today and put off his demand for money to build a border wall he reached a deal that dresses three pressing it's first time president trump is blocked his own party's leadership bullets clear is agreeing to the party relief package with measures raising the debt limit in funding government known as a cr into middecember was a slap in the face to paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in a meeting at the white house for the president agreed with senator schumer and congresswoman pelosi to do a great month uh she are and a debt ceiling end of december and that's what i will be offering based on the president's decision republican fiscal hawks were planning to use the debt limit ncr bills to exact more spending cuts now they'll have to decide if they can vote against harvey eight along the way bob costantini washington and is doc affair or not or somewhere in between lee and tweeting with congressman tom mcclintock took a look one of the issues congress is returning to is what to do about illegal immigrants brought into the country is children california congressman tom mcclintock says trump's decision to rescind daca protecting them from deportation was the right thing to do unconstitutional after to begin with cannot continue with an openended system and those who are currently registered in it if they don't have criminal convictions thought be given permanent legal residency but for citizens shift they go to the back alana dealt this place all of the people who are attempting legally to obtain citizenship on daca the ball is now in congress's court congressman mcclintock was a guest on mcintyre in the morning on land sweden kabc news check seven ninety kabc sports hayes beat the angels this afternoon that game just finished up 31 un dodgers trying to snap a long game live fivegame losing streak i think it's eleven at a twelve in fact when they host the diamondbacks at seven tonight twelve and six came to my aid is throwing for the dodgers rafael nadal and coco vandeweghe reach the semifinals of the us open tennis tournament today in rams owner stan kroenke and his family announced a one million dollar donation today to the red cross to support its.

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