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And is that what's going on with Brady right now? I mean he did that picky through to Joe Haden. He's trying to push that ball. But he's also trying to avoid a sack. He's also. Yeah. But it was like he was trying to get away from the sack when he threw it he jumped and he's still got hit. You know, he's tried to avoid the sack and I I mean. mean, they were hitting dead on. But I don't know any quarterback that likes to get hit. And I'm not saying anything. But I'm starting to feel it more and more and they're rated this quicker. And and the technique wasn't good. When he tried to throw that away. 'cause gronk was was open earlier. He just couldn't get it touch right because of the pressure. And then if you go back a week ago when he had HOGAN wide open in the end zone, and he missed them badly. Always because he was about to get hit. So he was he was it was flinching in a pocket. Trying to deliver the ball at the same time, which I get you know, you're not trying to get knocked out of the game. But completely get, but it's because of the pressure that somebody's throws off, of course with any quarterback is because some of the pressure. Now, what has happened is? He's one of the best at using that little box in pockets stepping-up step in and make your move maneuvering in there. But now people are bringing guys all over the place. So it's hard to step one direction. He's not going to run out of the pocket and our running. It's also specifically people often talk about Tom. Brady doesn't want interior pressure. And that's not because I mean, obviously for the practical reason you wouldn't want somebody very large running right at you as you're trying to throw the ball. But beyond that most the Cam Hayward specifically was getting such a push in the second half. He was driving. The whatever alignment was across review. He was consistently driving that guy right into Brady from from the jump. The ball would get snap. And Cam Hayward was three yards one Bonderman. He couldn't there for step up one key when you play against quarterbacks that are not as mobile you want your rush rules change. You don't have to be as disciplined at keeping contain outside. Because you know, they can't really break outside if they do you can run him down. They wanna push you you want to inside move. So if I'm going to get the tackle I'm making a lot of inside moves because I want to thanked and enter the pocket now if I'm a DT and I'm over the guards, I wanna make quick moves and get right back in line. All I wanna pull rush him. Right back into the quarterbacks lap because we know we're going to have everybody crash in a pocket, and he's not going to be able to step up maneuver in that little box. You wanna crush that? Little right. A little pocket right there. I mean. Yeah. Even when he he gets pushed from the pocket, he's not a threat to take off. Oh, you saw them to own an interception. Exact got out of the pocket. He tried to throw it. And it was a bad throw. Yeah. So all right fascinating stuff there. Maybe when me should open up like a pass rushers academy or some bright teach dislike work with everybody on my swim move here by my by. But. Oh. I know what I'm saying. Trade notes here, you know, to to. Pass. Right. That's it. Swim wear damage, Chicago always laying on top of the QB. Dave damage. Jay. All right. Very pleased to be joined right now by the Houston Texans candidate nominee. It's both things candidate nominee either way the Walter Payton man of the year, it's Whitney mercilus. How are you? And congratulations to you, sir. Thank you. Yeah. A big comeback for you professionally this season. And then and then the nomination wonderful stuff for you. Tell us about it. I want to hear from you about with mercy and the great work you're doing there you've raised quite a bit of money. About three hundred twenty five thousand over two years. So as lot it just as a great, it's a great support by the community and all that. And they understand exactly what we're doing..

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