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Oh my god baker mayfield who wouldn't season two brock meyer premieres april twenty fifth on ifc we've told you how great this is okay season one was exceptional and you should watch these one on hulu you if you listen to this show are going to love this character this show jim brock meyer thank you sir unless you have anything else if you have any other football stuff you got forest football complaints baseball stuff or if you're says rak just get back to the address that's okay too i do i can combine both on having to says arrack while i talk i listen to you and yes you convinced my show it seems one on who has been a lot of rabbits it's a win win all right thank you jim brock my oh all wait i forgot to ask you i forgot to ask you your beefing with musburger he pooped in your bed and now lately he doesn't like what's going on with you tweeted something out and it was the rich eisen show what happened there i just told you about musburger what punky is on rich eisen show and i guess he didn't like it be tweeted out some nonsense about i'm going to be buried in the desert by his goons and so i tweeted back at him my my middle finger basically i didn't say anything what are the young kids call it a gift for jif for jif peanut butter whatever you guys call it in your generation tweet i didn't him with my middle finger going and so that's it over or is it just getting started is it gonna ask late what musburger.

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