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Which always pops immediately to mind. It's a party the night of a great party all summer. You're remembered as a champion filled with positives the whole winning championship thing but the hall of fame forever forever. You know the be kids forever going through the hall of fame and seeing an asking the question. Who's that guy right. So many anonymous people on the stanley cup who are forgotten by every hockey fan alive. Right a guy. Just glance at the side and they they remove rings after x. amount of time so the stanley cup isn't thirty feet tall right. Let know. I'm talking guys that are on the current stanley cup. That if i i could find you five guys. Even if you're a fairly knowledgeable hockey fan. I could probably find five guys and you would never have heard of them. Yeah you know you make right right. I bet lawyer walker would agree with what you said earlier. That larry walker get the day's getting closer where he's going to be inducted. And what a great great thing for. Canada and larry walker would be the guy to say that as well right like super humble guy you've got to do is look back at a bunch of like we were talking about interviews. This guy was the most excited about doing a ride along with the police back in the day. Used to talk about that but but that would be. That'd be typical of larry walker going. You know what. It's great for me. But i'm really happy for our country that we got representation in there and i'm only i'm the only the second guy so thanks candidate for supporting me more. I think by baseball fans mistime of the rockies. Mind you the rockies. Gonna they're gonna retire number thirty three jersey and some people will say asterisk with all the home runs. He got like as if he was as colorado. You mean era deal exactly. Yeah they used to call the field there and they may still canaveral course field. And it's almost like he wasn't hitting home runs in montreal. I got news for you before you went to colorado. He was already a power hitter. So just you know. Calm the hell down. He was going to be an outstanding player. Wherever you stuck that guy right. And so. The expos. The city of montreal and canada all One hundred percent proud of this guy but lots fans in colorado. He's also in saint louis for a little while as well the end of his career. All proud of this guy Can the stats. Are this five. Time all star. Nl mvp seven time. Gold glover three times silver slugger award three time batting. Champion and Nationally home run leader in ninety seven..

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