Republican National Committee, The Deal, Steve Bannon discussed on The New Washington


Of the republican national committee which is pretty establishment i call right i admit respirators miteir life for two minutes at the at the breitbart embassy one time i call him up in and said we have to pull this together we have to work together on each absolutely and the goal there was to build a coalition because they understood in trumpworld that they couldn't it just didn't have the resources so they had to partner with the establishment they had to do the deal with the devil so to speak inshore what is steve bannon's critique of the republican establishment that he is relentlessly going after what did they do wrong i think it's a broader critique of elite leadership across the globe it's not just the republican party's not just the democratic party it's what bannon would call the davos class these elite ceos politicians who have in effect rigged to a system to benefit themselves in line their own pockets at the expense of the working class whose jobs they are more than happy to ship overseas and that's why immigration became such a potent factor in the last election why because steve bannon and other republicans like trump saw what was happening to voters in communities were jobs were leaving for overseas and they felt that there wasn't a voice in either political party to represent those people so it was is that it was do you had the factor of jobs being shipped overseas.

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