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Is it business? Does he wishes us? One of About how I remember those games. Which late that year! WCW W. Lose Ninety nine hundred thirty. S I remember I. Don't remember the exact year, but I do remember that on the sixty four. You could actually run backstage, which is always hilarious and wrestling games when you can just. Come down the ramp and you can just go out there and start fucking with them, and then go fight backstage with I was always a cool thing that they never really brought that like in the later ones in the PS two and the PS three wrestling games. They had it where there would be like a backstage level load in their. Did your fight? They're stupid. On some of these games, you can actually run to the back which was finding a lot of that stuff. Good stuff good good good game John they should. They should. Probably I'm sure there's some rights reasons they can, but I would love for that to get on the. They do sixty four online. For the past for them online pass I'll be happy because they're definitely of in sixty four games. I'd like to revisit. That are castle Vania. Valerie. Did you play sports games up? I play Madden with my brother a lot because we were both really into football. but I liked just making him on the game where there was like a scholar, or you can make your character damp. Blade Like showboating like kind of an. Like. You could like they could be like throwing a path and you could do it at. The moment and it would symbol the ball if you were dancing on the field. I, Get so mad at me. Or doing it but I'll die in Nevada. Reminded me of like Ian, peel the showboating skit on there, I would just get fucking penalties because he was just fucking around so much. That's CMS. That should you do that? Any man games you can just. I don't know you can really do anything unless you buy a points in the gambling shop to your player better. Yeah, so there's that. All right another thing that was the developer. Showcase was a game called. L. J. A.. Elisha. It looks pretty cool. Style looks like that's Gambit. which was a side scrolling? One of the many d dark souls games that came out. So. That one? The Art style definitely looks great. Your main you play as this guy I'm guessing that's Asia. And you basically your weapons and magic are poon that the teleport's does cool attacks and stuff like that as you go on I. Don't know if it's to be like dead cells or any other road light, or if it's going to be more like blasphemous or anything like that, but regardless the arts daleks rate. The one problem I had looking up to try to subject matter for Elijah was just seeing i. hate typing articles in Google because you get a lot of fringe articles either have gang top twenty games harder than dark souls or would dogs will be like if it was a good game or play if you play anything with dark souls, euro, loser, or as just like it's weird. I hate both people that are products all I hate people that are antidotes. The I'm talking about extreme writing extreme-left in these days. Cringe. The get good losers that are just like a really good at dark souls. What are the Games? Do you play really dark souls? I'm just like yeah, good for the fuck it and then you have people that are like dorks. Game does not necessarily make a good game light. Good like an example of a hard game. That's not necessarily. Head so I. Mean There's that? But. No Dogs also so bad game then I would understand that logic. You know. That's actually. That is actually something that I do. Feel true is that difficulty isn't always difficulty. As an aspect of a game can be good, but I think that. Try to make a game for example I feel like that's cup headed failed I feel like had really did try to be harder than dark souls, and because of that they failed into being fun. I don't know of any of you. Guys Played Cup head, but it was. It was difficult to a point that I just didn't find it entertaining before redoing that same fucking boss over and over again or that level over and over again didn't feel rewarding when you beat it, it just really felt you either got lucky or like cheese. Your. That's the thing is I really way too many ways you can choose these losses very fixed way. You need to do it and it just doesn't feel satisfied. I may not have gone too far in any of the from South Games but anytime I did get to that next section at least i. did feel like that was very frustrating. But satisfying and I never got that feeling. I didn't pick up. Had so maybe I don't understand the game, but I did beat the first couple of bosses, which were very hard and I just. I just didn't find it that. I just didn't find it. Really Fun I don't know the. Did you guys know that you have fun escape and I still got around the playing it, but I've watched streams of it. It. Like you rebate be like. Wash so region markup that is designed around that which is a shame because aesthetically gorgeous game. Yeah, I do enjoy aesthetics of it. Never played. It just never got around to that unfortunately. So, that's a sad thing. Games nowadays I feel like this story. Of Most people's lives as The great never got to it and that yet, because so many games come out like it just seems like. I order wait no for. Star Wars Oh. WHO's the souls like one? Fallen was ordered every that look great. I never got to it. And it did look fun. Never Got That I'd probably say that about a lot of other games, and the thing is I play more games than most people because I find myself. Pressure to given the medium Warren, so I pretty much buy and play most games that I think we'll be good. And even I still passable lot so especially. AAA AAA titles really point. But. Yeah, that game was good. ubisoft bullshit far cry six. It's going to take place in Cuba. It's so obviously Cuba. You're like. That the cut scene was some Cuban kid and dictator. Man Comes in not Fidel Castro comes in and talks to him and. then. I don't know if it's a flash forward as a completely different person, and then they're fighting for louder ever shown in all this bullshit and. Far Cry, just kind of lost its thing like last mark at one spinoff. neon aesthetic was kind of not not blood dragon, but now the the more recent. spinoff those on the same engine as five dragon for. It was all right, but five was may and then four was. Three was all right. There is pretty good loved last one a far cry weird. Prehistoric one. Can Boring. The FARC is really did fall off because growing up I love cry wanted to. I was absolutely obsessed with games on PC. Far. Cry Three came out. I. Was kind of like Oh. Nice Nice. Nice that this went should've. Michael shaking sorry I just. Want. To get always. Look I got you. Yeah, so yeah, it's Cuba and then there's going to be a revolution and part of the rebellion. You're playing a character. Danny Ross so. I'm just tired of for. crowder got the like he an. Experience with his Blood Dragon. I think I own far cry three. and. The weird thing about far cry. Is. I hear people get excited when it comes out and then a week later. Talk about it again..

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