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Germany is up three quarters of a percent. The CAG in Paris at the 10th of a percent and the footsie 100 is up, 7/10 1st said. Kenya Treasury that'll change at 1.34% they yield on the two year 20.22% at Nymex crude oil is up 1.9% of the dollar 36 at $74.73 a barrel. Nathan All right, Karen will have more on markets in a moment. First we have a winner in the Democratic race for New York City Mayor. Let's get the latest live from Bloomberg's Anita Young. Good Morning, Anita. Good morning. Of waiting in eight rounds of voting. Eric Adams wins the Democratic primary for mayor of New York City. He won 50.5% of the vote, edging out former Sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia, who received 49.5%. Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, who's a former New York Police Department captain, campaigned on reducing crime and restoring the quality of life in the city. His primary win shows the strength of a diverse coalition he's built that included unions, conservative voters and black and Latino leaders in New York. I'm Renita Young. Bloomberg, Daybreak. Grenada. Thank you. The June primary for mayor was the first city wide use of the range choice voting and was marked by a botched count in the first tally of rain choice ballots. Bloomberg New York bureau chief Shelly Banjo, says there could still be legal challenges to the vote. There are still a few outstanding lawsuits. So before this recent count Eric Adams, the projected winner, as well as Katherine Garcia, who came in second, and Maya Wiley, who came in third all filed paperwork to preserve their right for preemptive legal action. So what that means is they could come out and challenged. Bloomberg, Shelly Banjo, says Eric Adams is now the odds on favorite for mayor since Democrats outnumber Republicans 7 to 1 in the city. The winner of the Democratic primary is likely to win the general election in November against Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa. Well, there's also major political news coming out of Washington were learning. Russian government hackers breached the computer systems of the Republican National Committee last week. Nancy Lyons has the latest from our Bloomberg 99 1 newsroom in Washington. This latest incursion apparently happened around the same time a Russia linked criminal group unleashed a massive ransomware attack. Two people familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg the RNC hackers were part of a group known as cozy bear that's been tied to Russia. And infiltrating nine government agencies in the solar winds attack at this point, it's unclear what RNC information may have been viewed or stolen in Washington. Nancy Lyons Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, Nancy. Thank you. Now Russia is denying any involvement with the cyber attack. The Kremlin says it's in contact with the U. S on the matter. Turning to corporate news now is a big blow to Microsoft and a win for Amazon. The Pentagon has decided to split up its cloud computing contract, scrapping its original deal with Microsoft. Bloomberg said Baxter has the story. This is the 2019 deal it awarded to Microsoft for $10 billion After several years of wrangling with some of the biggest US tech companies, it is now indicating it is now leading to a split between Microsoft and Amazon. But it also says it's going to talk to other companies if they can prove that they can meet the terms of the contract. Amazon applauded the decision. Microsoft says it respects it. In San Francisco. I met Baxter Bloomberg a break Alright Ed. Thanks. Meantime, in Idaho, The Allen and company conference is underway and Sun Valley, the annual event where the world's biggest tech moguls gather to make deals, Bloomberg said. Ludlow is there and brings us this report. Allen and company's annual event attracts a Who's Who from the world of finance, technology and media. The event wasn't held last year due to the pandemic proceedings this year take place under stringent conditions. Regular guests include Apple CEO Tim Cook, Amazon founder Jeff Bazaars and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg. The conference has historically been fertile ground for big deals. The sector's appetite for deal making has certainly been strong this year, with transactions up threefold from last year. The tech conference in Sun Valley. I'm Ed Ludlow Bloomberg Daybreak. Things said in China today, the crackdown on tech companies is gathering steam. Bloomberg News has learned that regulators in Beijing are planning rule changes to block Chinese companies from listing overseas. That's even if the unit is incorporated outside of China began more from Bloomberg. Sofia Horta. It cost to This is not just for companies that are looking to list to a private companies that are not traded yet on US or Hong Kong exchanges, but also importantly, for companies already trading like Alibaba or Tencent. If they want to raise more cash through additional share placement. This would also affect them. Boomer Sofia Hard A Constant said the new rules from China would also threaten a lucrative line of business for Wall Street banks. As that crackdown continues. Shares of DD Global Continue to slide The Chinese ride hailing company fell. 20% yesterday is Beijing Look to remove DD from APP stores. The shares are down another 3% this morning did. He was the second largest U. S IPO on record for a Chinese firm. It's lost about $15 billion market value. That was just yesterday. And back here in the US today began minutes from the Federal Reserve's latest policy meeting, Traders will be looking for insight into the central bank's recent hawkish turn. We get more from Bloomberg's many down should ice fed officials said indicated they'd up for single rate. I can 2023 but rising inflation seems to be prompting a somewhat tougher stance on tightening two rate hikes. Bloomberg Economic says Today's minutes will illustrate shifting sentiment among central bankers baseline projections, for example. Any town base. Bloomberg Daybreak, Benny. Thank you futures higher this morning. Straight ahead. Your latest local headlines plus the check of sports, and this is Bloomberg..

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