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Because when when when when he lashed was at Liverpool in only played in the white in the front three actually played. White has one of the three in the middle of the pack as well. So you know he do. I think he could do that today. No but then why because he seems to have completely lost these web. I didn't expect them to be able to do it. Liverpool and he did which is fantastic but it seems to have lost this these wig and so you kind of wonder. He's going to take some time if he was to come back to Liverpool Manchester United. I would think he's GonNa take a little time to to get back in the swing of the primarily Italy but certainly in an a position laid off. It wasn't me three white put. Manchester United's KQED's. I don't think of a time that they can just city somebody rookie. We'll we'll we'll let you sit eleven. Wouldn't want from me chills teeth and clean and pay will go down as a bigger legend in Tehran. Re this guy's Avatar is You apparently already. And he's thanks. The burnout is any relevancy. No but okay. Thank you It's a good question though is a good question. He has certainly started stronger than Jerry. Dates I always are the new. We'll have to wait and see. I think I think he has the potential to do better than Cherry. I think he has the potential but then to do better than any French bread hearts. Because I think he's he's that good I'm Tom would tell really But he will be ahead of you know if you could if you could better all re Copa those players and even better even that it would be something is only Howard had higher in England or in France. Joel's England hundred percent. It's very strange and fascinating Subject actually to see the difference in opinions and in In in respect.

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