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Welcome to episode number five of talking Mo- pars on today's show. We talk about the sad news regarding car magazines a rare Hemi challenger and two cars are going to be battling it out for project car of the week yes two cars but there can only be one. Pcot W so today we're GONNA break them down and decide who takes the crown. Then we'll get into listener stories and finally will close the show discussing. The questions are more prices out of control and is rushed the new gold. You're tuned into the best moped enthusiasts driven podcast on planet earth and. I'm your host. Chris Albrecht better her known as the hunter. And this is talking. Mo- pars and you're listening to talking with the car. Hunter your direct match into all things. Ah We are pedal to the metal here on talking mopeds for episode number five. Let's not waste any time. Let's get right into it. Ever since I was a kid. I loved car magazines. I had a collection of them and I still do. I remember being a kid going to the grocery store with my parents and be lining it right for the magazines and sitting there with my dad for the whole grocery shopping trip. We'd be at the magazine Rack just looking through thumbing through magazines was my favorite thing. Usually I would leave there with something. I ended up getting subscriptions to a bunch of my favorites and every month. I was always waiting check in the mailbox to see when that magazine would come in and then I would disappear into my room and read magazines for hours over and over again cover to cover. I loved it and recently car enthusiasts like myself for devastated to find out the ten publishing who basically runs many of my personal favorite car magazines means Probably Yours too is shutting down operations for Nineteen of twenty two of their titles for twenty twenty. That's a huge loss folks. There's only going to be three. Titles that remain and that's motor trend for wheeler and hot Rod. This is crazy so the magazines that are leaving are the list is huge. Like I said. Nineteen of twenty two titles. That's a big big percentage of what's going own bye-bye including two of my favorite magazines Mo par muscle and muscle car review. So this is in my opinion. It's not not good. I understand that there's been a decline in magazine consumption with the digital age. But I just I personally I like like having something tangible in my hand that I can thumb through. I don't necessarily want to read a quote Unquote magazine on my phone. I don't like doing that I never have but I guess I'm GonNa have to change with the Times too because our magazines are dying folks and we're going to have to change with the times we're just going to have to live unhappy so with this podcast. I hope this is another medium that ends up grabbing the attention of a lot of the car enthusiasts that Miss Magazines. I hope that conversation can replace some of that. I know it won't be able to replace it all but I'm hoping that You know as we get to talking to people with these special cars that hopefully that will put life into the stories versus reading them in print. Now I love car magazine. So I'm not talking down on any car magazines There's still some really good ones out there and support them get subscriptions. You know if you WANNA keep those car magazines alive especially our favorite moped car magazines. Get Subscriptions folks and keep reading reading. That's the only way they're going to stay afloat so we have to as enthusiasts we have to support him so if there's magazines out there that you're like a hawk. Gosh I don't want that WanNa go away than get out there and subscribe today. That's that's my advice and embrace the digital age to you know hopefully they keep some of the titles that they're canceling in print. Hopefully they bring them over to digital. And hopefully a lot of those people get to retain their jobs There's a lot of journalists out there that are freaking out right now and I I totally get it if I was them I would really really embraced the digital age. And you know it's hawks. God I always want it when I was a kid. I always wanted my car to magazine is that would be cool. You know but I've never had a car cool enough worthy enough to make it into a magazine and by the time I have a vehicle. That's even worthy enough. There may not even be magazines. The big thing that I see with like social social media is that with facebook and instagram. It's like a car show every day. You know you're seeing magazine. Quality cars getting posted in shared jared all over the Internet so I kind of see where things are going and I. I'll embrace it although I'm not one hundred percent happy about it because like I said I love to thumb through magazines I loved just sitting there and just getting lost in a magazine. I'm a Dork. But there's a lot of dorks out there just like me that love car vaccines and were really really sad by this news. But that's okay you know we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA change with the times and we just have to get used to the digital age folks. It's not going anywhere and it's probably only gonNA get worse I to be honest. I just don't see things surviving the way they are right now. I don't think social media is GONNA survive in its current state for very long. Pretty soon. You're going to be seeing the facebooks in the INSTAGRAM's uh-huh change. I don't know what they're gonNA change into but the way we know them right now. It's not GonNa last so enjoy while it's here. Gosh that kind of went down depressing oppressing road but fear not because automotive content is alive and well and it always will be. It's just a matter of what form it will take. Hopefully podcasts so stick with me folks and just consider this an audio magazine I.

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