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Wofl a Tampa W X TV HD to Clearwater. Hurricane warning flags are flying along Florida's East Coast tonight as South Florida prepares for its brush with Hurricane East Zaius. There are 34 shelters in Broward County and 20 in Miami Dade on standby, but at this time they're not expected to open. There is certainly a possibility of heavy rains and winds. Some flooded make are we act that you prepare Bring outdoor furniture in Broward Mayor Dale Holness has county Parks will be closed tomorrow and should reopen Sunday at noon. Port Everglades now shut down in bridges will follow later today in Miami Dade Parks, marinas and golf courses closed tonight Aircraft against Miami. Hurricane Warning is in effect for the East Coast from Boca Raton to the pollution. Brevard County Line. A hurricane watch north to the Flagler Line. Hurricane watch also in effect from Boca Raton, South Hallandale Beach. Isa? Yes, we'll be near the east coast of the Florida Peninsula tomorrow afternoon through Sunday. State run Covert 19 test sites are staying open this weekend, including ones in Charlotte, Escambia, Hillsboro Lake. Lee, Leon Menotti, Okaloosa, Pascoe, Polk and Sarasota counties. They were set to close, but state officials decided it's safe to keep them open due to the shifting track of Hurricane Zaius. East Coast sites remain closed a tap a teenager facing 30 felony charges after the FBI identified him as the person behind a hack that forced Twitter to put some celebrity accounts on lock down July 15th. The feds turn the case over to Hillsboro State attorney Andrew Warren. The defendant devised a fraudulent steam, that's all All the identities of prominent people like Bill Gates. Barack Obama in the villain must and reaped over $100,000 in Bitcoins in just one day, 17 year old Graham Ivan Clark is accused of identity theft, computer fraud and hacking with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad with the new iPhone at sea for less than 100 bucks at Metro, You rule. It's the most affordable iPhone on the number one Brandon.

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