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You're up with number three. Well, I'll just say really quickly about Jacksonville two. I actually like the ownership group there. I like the fact that it's a smaller market because small markets in the NFL typically have the most passionate fan bases because I grew up in Wisconsin and Green Bay. I love Green Bay, not as much to do as there is, and maybe an alloy, right? In LA, like you guys know, you both live in LA or in the California area. Like if your football team or your basketball team or whoever is not playing well, you just stop paying attention to go do something else pretty awesome. You go to the beach. If you're in Green Bay, Jacksonville Kansas City, Cleveland, like that's your life. And so your team's doing bad, what do you do? You just bitch about your team being bad and you still show up and you just get more passionate about firing the coach and this and that. So I think being a Jacksonville isn't necessarily a negative. I know some players might see it because they want to build their brand, which is something that juju Smith Schuster just came out and said, I want to go to a bigger market than Pittsburgh so I can build my brand, AKA, make more money with TikTok and YouTube and Instagram and blah blah blah. But in Jacksonville, I think SHAD Kahn has been a patient owner. He's got a ton of money. And I think he can build something good in Jacksonville. So my third favorite opening, I would say everything else is kind of like equal at that point. And I'll just run down quickly why I think that because the falcons have big salary cap problems. They'll do that. Don't do that. Nope, that's not the game. You pick the next open vacancy show. You don't just do a sweep of all the next available. I just want to steal all your takes. I'm going to say Texas. I'm going to give somebody, I'm going to give everyone a peek behind the TV curtain really quick. It is the worst thing when you're on a TV show. And somebody asks, who is the top quarterback going into this draft? So and so, and the person who speaks before you rip through the 7 reasons why the 7 available quarterbacks aren't it. And then, but the things that are also good about them, but why he's ultimately going with this guy. And then it gets to you and it was like, yo, you just talked about every day I'm quarterback. What am I supposed to say? That's why I'm spike the football on your face. And then was like, what do you think, buddy? No, that actually happened to me one time. It was like one of my very first Thursday Night Football games, and we were having Philip Rivers on in postgame because he just let his team back. They won. This was when I think they were even still in San Diego. So we're sitting there and I'm writing my notes and we're kind of talking to me, Steve Smith, Michael everyone we're talking, hey, what should we ask him when we have him on the postgame? Because just another peek behind the curtain, all these shows, they're planned. You have meetings. You talk about the topics, but in postgame, you don't know what you're going to talk about until they basically the game's over. You got about three minutes before the guy gets on set. So you're trying to huddle and figure out, all right, how's this three minute segment going to work? Well, we're all talking, and I was like, this is what I'm going to ask Philip Rivers, boom, boom boom. Everyone's like, yeah, okay, we got it. So we go, the producer says in my ear, okay, Joe, you're next, which is my cue that as soon as whoever's talking is going to shut up and it's my turn to ask Philip Rivers a question because otherwise you're just going to have people talking over each other like it's a Zoom meeting. And before I could say anything, Michael Harvick jumps in and he fucking steals my question from the rivers. And I'm like, I look at him like I swear to God, this wasn't live on air. I would tumble your old ass right here. And then, of course, the producers like Joe next. He says it again. Well, now I'm like pissed off at Mike. And so I can't think of another question, especially because he's just the only question that I was going to be able to ask. So I just sit there and then there's radio silence, and I'm looking at Philip and I just start bumbling over my words and I'm like, hello. How do you feel about winning the game and Philip looks at me like that's the best you could do? So that's just what I was trying to do to hawk. But he's a professional now. We're a couple media veterans that we won't let that happen. So for me, the Texans is the next best job. Why? Because they have deshaun Watson. When you have a young generational talent like deshaun Watson and an ability, if you want to be able to deal them, potentially, you can deal that player to the dolphins. You can get maybe a tua and another first round pick or a couple in return. You've got a lot of weapons and resources to be able to continue to build for the future..

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