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Well well well dave go nowhere smith davey long story no dip acutest crowd spiff i have to pack a suitcase row vacation laid acute toby of my shirts and mention monkey tell me if my office makes sense i don't like the insults on that last one felt specific smith should ask special not that good way overrated you deuce directed us director heard currently tonight really missing the eight ball dave smith texted you week ago nice if you got back to me i was kinda worried about you smith you political last comedian talking about republican democrat ain't choosing the side somewhere hey can i stay over place man i'm broken hungry q describing todd i'm broken hungry let's continue people over tell me about girlfriends ugly also girlfriend real i saw that movie the mask once and i feel like she got a big of the power sox how great it'd be touch your face to shit on you you stupid face oh there it is that part is i missed the part about him being blind just jumped in at the end the round that much when he was blind pay credit cancer and diabetes they are no he wouldn't have gone hetty been able to reach his eyeballs with the eyedropper they gave him i'll tell you what god's crews james crisis lewis it was his left arm show some respect when i when i said i was in montreal and i saw donnell rawlings it was right after todd passed away ago did you hear about todd he's like yeah heard i go at sucks mega does he really upset he's like i don't know he goes that nigga was me but he had site.

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