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Out the clock. Down. Get down. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Hey. Oh, I we're doing it. We're doing it live. Come on in come on in on the Facebook. We got it. We got a set up for you today. Great show in store today. I want to talk about Bette midler. I wanna talk about. What's his name, man? The new supreme court Justice Brett cavenaugh wanna talk about B K and B M Brett midler Brett cavenaugh and just generally kind of the state of affairs in the country. This week has been a very interesting week. Locally as well as nationally. If you missed it, Lachlon McDonald. The case against the cop was settled there. I think he was charged with second degree murder in that case. If you don't remember the Kwame McDonald incident, it was in Chicago where Chicago police officer shot a sixteen year row seventeen times. And man, you know, the nation was shocked as a part of the longer compensation. About police brutality police misconduct, and and those kinds of things, but. Yes. So so that happened this week also happening this week? There was a lot of controversy. Around, you know, Brett Cavanaugh being confirmed FBI investigation now. So sure exactly what the FBI investigated at all good afternoon. Everybody. And so that happened is we if you're in Detroit, you think about the lions that they lost last week. You know, there's a sports show that happens on the patriot after this show, and let me get get a little bit of that patriot in there. And you could be a part of that desk sports conversation. But the lions lost last week in Dallas looks like they're gonna do well today. And and so all right there, we go in if and if you're tuning in Facebook, you can you can hear the engine he's he's gonna definitely make sure we're we're locked. And look I want you guys to join the show on Facebook joined the show on on on Twitter and halo halo. My brother is is. Good too. Good to see you. Good afternoon. Everybody. Of course, we're broadcasting live from the patriot Detroit WD, you can listen at patriotdetroit dot com. You can listen on Facebook. David Alexander, bullet dot com to people show dot com. Also, you can call in and be a part of the conversation. And we're here for the whole hour is great. You know, Sundays. I'm settling in Sundays. And i'm. I like a lot higher feels Bette midler. We gotta talk Bette midler. Let me pull this up. All right. I love when you have. I got the computer right here. Bette midler is clueless. White lady of the world. All right killer. Mike accepts Bette midler apology after racist tweet. Okay. I show. Here we go. Let's see if we can get. Yeah. Bet Miller apologizes after her tweet causes backlash. Bette midler tweets. Women are the Nukus. Can I say that the Nukus of America? Yeah. Women on a Nukus of America. Now what what was the whole thing? I want to pull the whole tweet up bet Miller sorry for deleted tweets calling. Women in were. All right. So here we go Bette midler Bette midler and to share this show because you know, I used the N word sometimes myself, and if you saw if you saw the video when I was a cop put his hands on me in front of my church. I was I was very unfiltered. But I was clear, you know, I was good afternoon April. I was like know y'all somebody scare this negroes. I've ever seen in my life. And so then the news is like Reverend David Bullock activists and local pastor and Highland Park from reality TV fame, and has used the the a racial slur. He used the N word now black folks buried the N word. A couple of years ago. But I want to have a conversation about the N word because I'm not so sure Bette midler should be getting backlash. Now, I definitely got some things that I want to say about who should use. How should be used? But I want to say tonight on the show people use the N word all the time, particularly black people, and we use it for a reason, you know. We're we're there's a there. There are different ways. Spelling using utilizing the N word you got in IGGI, right NWEA. Good afternoon. Phyllis Ojeda G g a so we I mean, so I mean rappers use it all the time. You got in I g h. Jig for all my I'm just saying. So then you got energy ER Randall Kennedy wrote a great book called. G G R. I remember I was at a high school on the suburbs. And I was trying to do a lecture on the different permutations of the N word and how they don't all being the same thing. It is a term of endearment in some communities. I haven't met a successful rapper to hasn't used the end were yet. And black people use it all the time. Black people use all the time. You know? So it's amazing to me like when when people are saying in the back seat of a police car. Everybody was like, oh, I can't believe David Bulat use the N word. I use it all the time. Then using it. You know, I grew up on all the music. I listen to high school from a MGD NWEA man, everybody even even tribe called quest those people use, and then if you go to church, they used the word negro, so let me just establish the today show. If this offends you please be offended, please. But just stay tuned. Whatever you to be offended and watch shared his show. We use the word all the time. In the black community. Now, I don't think white people should use the N word McKay. Will why we'll because when white people use it is tied to a particular different history. Okay. To history slavery history. Segregation degradation. White folks don't need to use the N word. They got a whole bunch worse. They can use brother sister, Mr., sir. Hello. Your last name your first name. But as far as like the black community at the end of the day is not going anywhere. We're using it. We've been using it, you know, and it has certain per mutations. Can I can I get deeper certain permutations that we use? And we know what we say in part to number two. So number one, we use the word all the time number two. There's a difference between as Chris rock has so many times being black and being a mid grow. Right. We know that right. It's a difference. A me. Like when I was in the back seat amok like so let me just let me go slower because I'm going fast. We've had this dialogue man since at eight eighteen eighteen what's Booker T Booker T Washington died in one thousand nine fifteen he when he died, Marcus Garvey, call him an old negro versus the new negro you had the old negro versus the new negro movement negroes were radical revolutionary want to self-determination old negroes were accommodate accommodation. This is just one of the bad on an easy lapdogs to white supremacy and white power. Okay. There's always been this concept of, you know, whether it's negro with a lower case in or negro with a big in. And. Are know when black folks use it. We're saying something, right? And you know, some folks is black some folks African American. Some folks Nukus, right and. Look is helpful like all right. So now, I just wanted to get that up because we can't have a conversation above Bette midler using end were until we're honest about the fact that black people use, and we're all the time. And that we know exactly what we say. When we say it in have you disagree? That's fine. The phone number's eight hundred nine two three one eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five. David alexander. Bullock, live the people show broadcasting lot from WD TK. We do if one hour four pm to five pm. We'll talk about Bette midler. Okay. Yeah. So I see you Dobie a see you in the queue did us. Good. Thank you. A C. You w we go to get you because I wanted to establish those two things black people use it all the time not going anywhere, despite the fact NWPP buried it rappers are famous as sale records because they use it. And in some really significant sense. There is a way to talk about different kinds of black folks by saying, hey, where you are in a you black African American you UCLA out, and you this we have all these categories now that being said, let's be clear Bette midler should not have used the N word in the tweet. Because what she did is she really tried to whitewash would admit to be in Agha. I'll white women going to be the ends of the world will wipe white women the ends of the world, and what a black folks, I'm a comeback. Let's call it. A phone lines Dobie is on the line. I was supposed to be at a press this post Buick work. Uh-huh. Is he on? Do I have the hit it? One more time. Did I.

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