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Dot com. How much Thomason, Former President Trump's Defense lawyers and House Democrats have filed legal briefs ahead of next week's Senate impeachment trial. White House correspondent Great clubs to Duel filings offer the first public glimpse of the arguments from both sides. Democrats connect Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the results of the presidential election. The deadly riot at the Capitol, saying he bears unmistakable blame. Meanwhile, Trump's lawyers reject those charges and say the Senate can't put him on trial now that he has left the White House. Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, says the Democrats effort to impeach a former president is way off base from a constitutional perspective absolutely do believe that they are unconscious. Bittu. Sh inal We have a trial that's being targeted at a private citizen senator earns telling the Salem radio Network You human that this sets a dangerous precedent. I don't believe this is the right thing to do. And certainly if the Democrats want to proceed with it now what's to stop in the future? Or any other impeachment proceedings going against any other former president. A lot of GOP support may not stop Senate Democrats from passing President Biden's version of a coronavirus relief package, the Senate Democrat leadership is moving to bypass the 60 vote filibuster making impossible to approve the $1.9 trillion Biden plan. Without a single Republican vote. Dr Anthony Fauci is advice regarding the upcoming Super Bowl just lay low and cool it given the Corona virus pandemic country's top infectious disease expert is cautioning against any big Super Bowl watch parties. On Wall Street right now stock futures in positive territory. Dow futures are up three points. NASDAQ futures ahead. 93 S and P futures are up 14 points ahead of the opening bell. Or on the story's a town hall dot com. Tell me why really factor is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain? I'm often asked that question. Beatings have child. But the father and son, founders of relief.

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