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We all know that breakfast is an important part of your day. But sometimes when you're traveling for business, you end up staying at a hotel that doesn't offer any, and you know what happens, you grab a cup of coffee and skip the meal entirely. We've all been there. But if you book a room at la Quinta by Wyndham, you can enjoy their free bright side breakfast featuring delicious baked goods, fruit, eggs, yogurt, and waffles. And really, who doesn't want to start their day with a fresh hot waffle. Tonight, la Quinta tomorrow, you triumph. Book direct at LQ dot com. All right, rich. The Sacramento Kings made the NBA playoffs this year for the first time since 2006. It was 16 plus years, which means the jets now have the longest active playoff drought in major North American sports. They haven't made the playoffs since 2010, one of the last 12 plus seasons been like for you to cover them. Well, not only have they not made the playoffs, but they've only had one winning season during that span is 2015 where they went ten and 6 and then came up short at the very end. So it's been 12 years of constant upheaval, both head coaching wise, quarterback wise. This is a franchise that endured two years of Adam Gase, which must have been pure hell for jet fans to go through. He was like their modern day ridge coat type. And so it's been hard because only 12, 13 years ago, it looked like the jets were going to be perennial contenders under Rex Ryan, you know, they made the AFC championship game two years in a row and you're thinking, okay, young quarterback, Mark Sanchez, we've got a real future and then the bottom dropped out, just lack of talent, poor coaching, poor, general managing, and here we are, 12 years later, leave it to the jets to hire Adam Gase after a couple of losing seasons in Miami, right? I mean, it's not like they couldn't get a look at him up close in those scenarios. Yeah, I mean, they actually won 7 games Adams first year. People tend to forget that because of what happened, the following year where they go, what was it, one in 15 or two and 14 actually, two and 14. 2014 and actually didn't lose enough to get Trevor Lawrence, so that was just another kick in the rear for jet fans. All right, but now a 39 year old Aaron Rodgers is going to descend upon New York and the jets currently have the 6th best odds to win the Super Bowl this coming season. What's that like as a reporter going from covering a team that was dealing with all sorts of quarterback issues to now covering a contender? It's changed. You could just feel the narrative change around the building just from watching the players on social media just outwardly lobbying for Rogers as if he's their savior. I mean, sauce gardener burning cheese head in a backyard barbecue pit is sort of some sacrifice, you know, to get Rogers to come. Not only is this the first time we burn the cheese here, this is our first time lighting a fire pit in it. And you know we can do it. Look at the cheese, it's Milton. Cheese sauce, bro look. It's toning of the cheese sauce though. The expectations, of course, have risen dramatically, as you just mentioned with the Super Bowl odds. And so it'll be different. It'll take me back to 2010 when the jets were considered pretty good. And so now I think they're pretty good again. What does that mean for Zach Wilson though? Because I mean, you see in all your teammates basically openly pining for another quarterback. What's his future now? Yeah, that has to be really, really hard. Not only pining for Aaron Rodgers during the off season, they weren't pining for Mike white during the season last year showing up to games wearing Mike white t-shirts. That had to be really hard for Zach as well. His future is right now as their number two quarterback. You know, he's got two more years on his contract. The jets say publicly that they want to keep him. They want to continue to develop him. What's going to happen in two years? If Aaron Rodgers sticks around for two years, Zach Wilson will be a free agent. He will probably go elsewhere. I personally believe that Zach Wilson will never be the jet starting quarterback again. Even in the post Rogers era, I think he needs a change of scenery and I think if you asked him and he would be truthful, he would admit the same thing. Jets Jim Joe Douglas had his pre draft press conference on Tuesday, but unsurprisingly, the draft really wasn't the focus of that conversation. What did he say about Rogers then? Obviously confirming that the trade is in place. Ultimately, our goal from the beginning was to add Aaron to the team. And so we were able to get that degree to terms of that yesterday. And just excited to get him here. They have to few things to work out, but this trade obviously is happening. There's still some eyes to be dotted teased to be crossed to ultimately finalize everything, but again, it was a lot of conversations. He's very excited. We're obviously excited about this opportunity side relatives deal and the excited to add him to the team. He called him an all time great. Aaron's one of the one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game to have an opportunity to add a player of that caliber. You're always going to look into it and how it fits within our culture within our team. He thinks he can galvanize this very young jet roster. They do have some really talented young players like sauce gardener and Garrett Wilson, so he was very upbeat about that. There is a quite a few young talented exciting players on this roster that are first second, third year players, so I feel like the way we jumped out last year, a lot of those young men proved that they were, they were ready to answer the call. And I know it's cliche, but day by day, we're just trying to stack those bricks. But, you know, there were a couple of questions that went unanswered. And to me, that's kind of the big story. He was asked how many years do you think Rogers will play? And he said, I don't want to put it any words in air's mouth and you guys are going to have the opportunity at the right time to ask him those specific questions. He was also asked if baron Rogers will participate in the off season program. Do you expect him to be part of the all season program which is going forward? You'll get to say I wouldn't want to put any words into air's mouth as we know all of these workouts right now. This time of year involuntary. So again, at the right time, you guys will be able to talk to him about that. We know that Aaron Rodgers does not do this in Green Bay. He sort of hung out in California during the voluntary workouts and so two questions that remain unanswered, especially the first one is the key one. The jets gave up a lot of compensation for Aaron Rodgers and it would be too much in my opinion if he only plays one year. Of course, if they go to the Super Bowl, then it changes everything. But for one year, that's a lot to give up. The jets fans have a little maybe PTSD because of how it worked out with Favre where he was only there for one season? The thing is that's a very interesting point because there's a lot of parallels between the far situation and Rogers. We knew and I think jet fans knew that Favre was one and done. Brett Favre of honestly didn't even want to come to the jets. He wanted to go to Minnesota Vikings. They wouldn't take them. The packers wouldn't trade him there. So the jets were like a one way stop over the way to Minnesota. So I think he kind of came here very reluctantly, whereas Rogers wants to be here. And he's made that very clear for the last few weeks. And so is there some fallout from that? Maybe the far thing ended badly, his arm basically fell off at the end of the year. He tore a bicep muscle he couldn't throw the team lost their last few games and fell out of the playoff race and everybody got fired. So the jets probably in the back of their minds, some of the older Jeff fans are dreading another scenario like that. And when you have a 39 year old quarterback, you just never know. I mean, it's injuries happen. So it's part of the

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