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This podcast of course i it's a good time to mention is brought to you by slowly dismantling cultural preconceptions overtime inside yourself slowly dismantling cultural preconceptions within yourself hard timeconsuming but recommended by it would be great if a ideas like that hank could actually sponsor podcast maybe in the future that is why i guess is also brought to you by cat birthdays cat birthdays john supports them any apologizes for whatever he said that offended cat people i love cat people pleased by turtles all the way down available at probably sign turtles dot com right now this podcast additionally is brought to you by quivering of squandering dow's apparently they give life earth i i got that line for my friend empty anderson and i don't know when he says it it's it's so extremely compelling but then when i say it i just so kinda like a doofus i just things that i i assumed it was like emily dickinson or something i was so lovely i know what that's that's how that's how empty anderson speaks he speaks constantly as if he is inside of an emily dickinson poem he's one of the most eloquent people i have ever encountered hake yes we also have an actual sponsor today we do it's hopper hover and i wanted to ask you if you remember your first ever like website that was years your first ever personal site i mean i ha so back in the day it was much harder to get domain names in so my first thing was was on the the.

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