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You can phone it in Triple 8206 27 63 triple 8206 27 63. My guess is Paul's Carbonnel. He's a restaurant to her own to number of restaurants. And he owns the Blue Dog Beer Tavern in Sherman, Sherman Oaks, California talking about the draconian restrictions that the government had has been imposing. All right, Paul, tell me about your employees. How did they survive? Far. Well, um I love my employees. Um They're doing everything for me right now. And They're making it now because of the generosity of this neighborhood. Everybody Right now. Everyone in my restaurant now is sharing tips, a rare a rare occurrence in the pre covert restaurant world. I think it's happening a little bit more often now. There was always a disparity between Basically the front of the house servers and the back of the house coats. Always a disparity in the blue dog. Everyone is sharing tips. 100% 100%. Everyone is making better money Now. Our neighborhood is so generous, so our employees our employees are doing okay. Now, with the take out in the drive through the take out a delivery, however. There's not, you know, there is there's less much less of an opportunity for tipping. That's why I want to figure out a way to keep this a place that people keep coming to for the delivery. So people so we can keep the community engaged with us so we can stay with the community. I don't know how. I don't know what I'm saying yet. That's what it that's what I'm trying to get This place me. So so my employees, so we stay relevant. In the neighborhood and so and so our employees continue to be friends with our regulars and our And our our loyal customers see here. Look, there's so many. Peripheral disasters that are gonna happen because of this thing. So maybe you're talking about Angel Street. I'm gonna try to write you a small check for them, Larry. Right? Right. In the world of charitable giving were struts are monsters of charitable giving. That ability, our ability to do that is gone. What's going to happen Thanksgiving with in downtown a late when normally I go down there with a couple of sandwiches. Every restaurant with the charity that we do. What's going to happen to that? And and now that people are staying home when people stay home, and the community is our populating the streets Very bad people populate the streets when the community is not doing that. That's where we were in March and April and that he was a very dangerous place. Out here. Very dangerous place. I'm a victim of it, Paul, let's let's take some calls. David is in Simpsonville, South Carolina, David, you're on with Paul's Carbonneau and Larry Yes, Larry, I appreciate you so much. Thank you. I just got on your I heard your Channel. Couple times, Paul, I got a question for you. Not a question. Really. I just want you to be aware. I'm from Vermont. And you're talking about people. Dragon stuff outside. Try to get him to eat outside. There's not even the option of North business how bad things are. He goes from California. All the way to Vermont. That's a whole America. Hmm. We could only go a little farther. Maybe we get made. You know, unreal. Unreal. Joe is in Lynn, Massachusetts. Joe, you're on with Paul's bravado and Larry Hey, Larry. It's enjoyable hearing you as always, we agree and disagree. I enjoy your sugar to get a lawsuit. Going against the governor. He should be ashamed himself to marry. There's going to be right. The distance stop. People are pushing back. And I'd like your comments and I just wanted to say Wish you the best, Paul. I wish I could help, but I can't. I'm on low income myself. Thanks, Joe. Said Paul. I'm amazed that Californians have complied the way they have. No one could have told me that they would have complied like this. Larry, Did you notice how Do you notice how it's a three week research? Three week restriction? It's not a month. Nomenclature, semantics. It's like it's not a month. It's like It's like they honestly and I'm baring my soul to you right now. It's like they were in the veteran with me when I was leaving the house yesterday, and my wife is saying, Honey, don't do anything drastic. It's just three weeks, Robin Robin is in Sacramento, California, Robin, you're on with Paul's bravado and Larry Hi. First of all one offer you great words of encouragement. Any businesses was coming. I've been stalling. Taking home healthy American. She has YouTube channel as well as the website. And she has talked that all the laws that do exist that actually protect you and I've been involved in sharing information, even filing complaints against individuals to prohibit People from entering because they're not wearing one of these. Demonic race devices as they call them, However, for the restaurants, there's a restaurant in Huntington Beach. Unfortunately, was trying to find the name of it. I think it's I think it might be Bella's cereals, possibly. But there's a huge billboard and it says Leave the mask. Take the cannoli. This guy's an onboard and I know that's great. I think it's from the Godfather. Yeah, Power. You have to leave it there, Paul. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it. Love you are seeing if you do leave the mass, take the cannoli. Now. Some say over 100. Million people are struggling with some kind of pain, whether from exercise of just getting older. Peters that Talbot are on a mission to get you out of pain, and here's their deal. If you're struggling with back neck, shoulder, hip, knee pain, even general muscle aches and pain. Then I suggest you try their three week quick start still discounted toe only $19.95 again over 70% of the people who ordered the three week quick start. Go on to order more. That's less than a dollar a day to see if we can get you out of pain. After that. We're talking about less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day to stay.

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