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You know, and I went yes. Yes. And he goes don't tonight. And I I I was going to close with it here. I of course, I'm on the tonight show with Cosby, how do I not do causing right? Yeah. You don't need it, man. Find yourself. You know interesting, but I did five impressions at night. So I start my set and not great. You know? I it's okay. It's okay. I'm not dying. But it's never what I want. Right. And I'm like, I'm gonna have to close I'm gonna gotta do Cosmi. Yeah. I just got it. I do it the play. Goes fucking, right. Because he sitting there, right? Yeah. We fly back plane. He's going to he's working the Hilton now headlining the Hilton same night. Yeah. Actually, I got back for the show in time. We made it by not a word. Not a word, and he was you know, coming up. He was one of my guys having enough shirt. And not a word. Never never forget it. Never forget it. You know, what what you know? I'm an apology. Never apologize. Yeah. Yeah. I think you know, especially right. Yeah. That was your point. No, actually, actually know this might be the time to do it. I don't know what's on your mind. Probably doing a lot of thinking. But I just wanna make an immense to longtime that night on the plane shut the fuck on. It was brutal. But like in all this time opening for people did you ever open for comics? In vegas. I opened for when I started out I opened in Atlantic City for Sinbad ones. But no never never comic. So how old you when Ray happens? I mean sees you've been you've even making a living to voice overs into Vegas and everything had a couple of failed shows that was on before Ray failed around you or John was built around me. And was what you do on that really not good. I played a single parent. Ironically, who was from Nebraska. Okay. They wouldn't. I said, you know, let's make it, you know, New York jersey or maybe Miami. You know, let's no, yeah. It's important from the midwest. Whether nothing reads it so they lightened by hair, and they put me in penny loafers swear to God. And it was a show on NBC that was on Saturday night. And I was a voice over impressionist. And yet that had my own agency is what? Yeah. I know. Ed by owed had agency. And they did the voices for the commercial. You know that thing Tom Sharpe was on it. It was really funny member Tom sharp new. Yeah. He did a lot of commercials Lada voice over stuff too. So he was in it and brandy gold who was Harry, gold's young little daughter played my daughter now, she's a giant successful agent. And so that was called first impressions lasted six weeks. Then that was on a show where I played a gala or one of the first gay characters really put out on time. And it was it was a really cool show called pursuit of happiness, and Larry Miller was on it, who's brilliant..

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