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Managing partner of the law firm of growing curvy and win, and today on Carrie Kaysen's birthday. I am here. To defer to carry on everything very happy birthday. Thank you, Alan. I'm actually having a happy birthday. I'm out of California. And what is that supposed to mean? Oh, I don't know. Tommy country isn't really my thing. Oh, my goodness. Wow. Yeah. So where are you Las Vegas, which is just a little bit better. It got kind of strange in here as well. But at least most everything is open. They just shut down the bars again. But Restaurants and different kinds of activities like meat is out here. So it's nice. So you went to Vegas to escape the heat of California. That and to do my oxygen therapy, which I do every few months anyway. So yeah, those two things What are you doing on your birthday today? Well, I went to Lake Mead. We rented a boat. We swam. We had fun. And then the boat engine kind of failed really couldn't wait board. That's that's okay that we had fun anyway, Way had with a blast of a big group of people So on another, and my boyfriend's doing some secret stuff from me tonight. Oh, wow. Well, I was wish I was there to wish you a happy birthday. But we're doing it now. And I'm sure everyone who's listening if you want to call in and wish happy birthday to carry 800 take time to 5 to 2 to 800 to 2 to 5 to 2 to which carry all the best. That's what I'm doing right now. So many happy returns. You look so young. I don't want to say your age and I know you're proud of it. But you have 48. I feel great. I don't look it and I, you know, and I'm totally proud. I not somebody who's Afraid it basically talk about everything right? My life's an open book. Well, that's good, and I'm sure everyone will want to call in and wish you a happy birthday. But we have a show to do today. Care. Hope you don't mind on your birthday. I know it's one of your favorite guests. And it's interesting because this week we got an email from Genevieve Wang, who's our producer here at HQ, ABC on Garvey's law, and she books all the guests, and she said some Think carrying. You know this In her emails, she said Over the past seven years that we've been doing this show and over 500 guests that we've had on this show. That the guest today is her favorite. Her favorite guest, and we said Why? And I said, is it because That he practiced law. We've had so many lawyers. I mean some of the guests we've had on this show. Jerry Spence, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz can star Robert Kennedy Jr. Dennis Prager, Cindy Crawford, Erin Brockovich, Gloria Allred, a lot of lawyers some not, but this is her favorite. And it's not because he practiced law. It's not because he's black, and it's not because he went to Brown University, but that should have been enough. To make him the favorite. It's not because he had a radio show on K B C for about 20 years, and he had Larry on the law precursor to our show here on K V. C. It's not because of that. It's not because of necessarily his politics or his knowledge. Of current events and politics. It's not because he's a New York Times best selling author. It's not because he's such a successful radio show on Salem platform, and it's not even because he just came out with an amazing documentary, the executive producer writer and featured in the smash documentary Uncle Tom. Not because of that, Carrie, she said. It's because he's such a good guy. We call it a Mench. He's easy to work with. He's cooperative. He's not demanding. He's down to earth He promotes on social media, He retweets. He lives up to his word, and he's very supportive. Carrie, I know you're happy to share your birthday today, with Larry Elder Larry, Welcome back to Garvey's law. Well, Alan and carry how in the world and I gotta live up to that. No, right, OK. And if you haven't seen Uncle Tom yet, if you only seen it once, I would suggest you and your boyfriend snuggle up tonight and check it out. It really has gotten a huge critical reception beyond anything I could've imagined. You know, when you do anything, you kind of Those OK? This is the worst case scenario. This is what's more like it happened. This is my most optimistic projections. It's shattered them both in terms of revenue. And in terms of critical reaction. I'm just blown away. Honestly, you know very well. I was watching it. I was blown away. I couldn't believe it. And I was really proud. You know, to think that we met some years ago through a mutual friend went out to dinner. I had a nice time with you and Nina and I was so proud to see Wow. I learned so much. From watching the film. Historically speaking, people have to see it not only for the politics but just understand so many issues that we are not seeing. In the media today, and I want to read a couple of reviews because people who hear these reviews will say I need to see it. The movie is like an alarm clock. Some people might not like what they're hearing when they watch it. But it doesn't change the fact that it's timeto wake up. I applaud the courage, the genius and the love and compassion that went into making this important film. Another review and absolute must watch by far one of the most important documentaries of our time. Well done, And thank you, Mr Elder. Someone else said truly eye opening and fantastic to see such a diverse array of characters, each with their own insights and anecdotes, a straightforward and rather in your face approach to demolishing. The left insistence on minority control, super production cast and motive, Regardless of your political leaning This no holds barred piece definitely gets the mind racing and questioning all that we are inundated with in the media. A massive eye opener. I'm a documentary junk re and this is one of the greatest I've ever seen. Extremely well put together talking to some of the truly inspirational, intelligent and motivated individual individuals who, in my opinion, hold the key to elevate Americans to the next level. Uncle Tom should be nominated. I'm not sure Nominate for what? Because I don't know that Hollywood would nominate Uncle Pump for an Oscar. But Larry, maybe they would. In my opinion, it should win great documentary and one of the best I've ever seen. And, Ah, you know, here's another one. This may be the best documentary I've ever seen. And I'm a professional film maker. This is one of, if not the most important films of the 21st century. Everyone has to see it. It's truly life changing..

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