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Is not all here Cody is out sick days here I'm here so the show must go on rough necks or want to know and Cody was partying too hard over the weekend celebrating that XFL victory it caught up with the is out sick no more Cody but I think it did I heard he was seen streaking downtown outside Toyota center right where you actually two forty seven was this weekend and he what is just a very jolly mood someone saying naked Santa Claus Kelly states one of the greats yeah he was in Austin on Saturday so we could not attend the runway shaking in Austin okay where do you think might now he's using only yesterday he was sick band and I was on the second in the night chatting about being sick last night when I so I'm just saying I'm do you think my Saturday ranks among great sports days I did the XML during the day and then went to USC two forty seven at night and watched the hometown guy Derek Lewis when yes by whites Valentino I saw the Czecho dominated her opponent she don't believe one person watch down Jon bones Jones when a controversial but I thought correct decision over Dominic rightness I'm up I don't think it's what pretty good sports day on what I say I know Jake Jake as and gets out and about J. gathering does this thing on a weekend he doesn't hold back but that might have been the best Saturday of your year at the very least the best Saturday every year best Saturday of twenty twenty I don't think it's a stretch for me to make that assumption well I'm trying to think of other Saturdays have hacked he is the you can't think of a mess well there was one I got back from Miami just slept on and what state they want an SNL but I don't know that compares to what I just had I think right that might be my best Saturday now in less than two weeks Saturday February twenty second that's wild rivers I don't argue that Saturday will probably end up being better than the Saturday you'll be in Vegas baby I mean it's Vegas is louder I want to watch the XFL from the and bet on sports about that you that's gonna be fun more coming up here in the main event has been.

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