Donald Trump, Wednesday Miller, Giuliani discussed on Mueller, She Wrote


Apparently, the charity changed its name and its mission after the IRS approved its tax exempt status, but there's no evidence that the mission change was reported to the IRS as required by law. Appears they never gave approval though. And the charity could be operating outside the law. It's also illegal for a nonprofit to campaign on behalf of any candidate. Which this one did in the run up to two thousand sixteen which could draw F E C complaints hatchback violations due to potential election law problems too. One of controversy. What what a surprise one of eight thousand things wrong with him. Right. And love how it is white collar crime. They call it operating outside of the law. Like, yeah. Yeah. There's gangs in Compton that are just out operating us. Yeah. We're just operating outside the law, man. Your problem ethnicity here, I don't respect that. Oh my God. Okay. I just have to say that his joke by comedian who she's like, I wonder if there's gangs that are received that signing a bar. It's like, no gangs, and they're like man, we're now welcome here. Let's go. Dang, shucks. And then they have to leave to find that comic. Anonymous. And then moving onto Wednesday supreme court chief Justice John Roberts made a rare public rebuke of Trump's comments on judges from the ninth circuit court where they blocked Trump's plan for refusing to consider asylum applications from immigrants who cross the border illegally because that's fucking legal which led to another Trump Twitter meltdown. He had a battle on Twitter with the chief Justice of the supreme court earlier in the week, Trump and made a statement that are ruling made against the administration was made by an Obama judge and Roberts responded saying we don't have Obama judges or Trump judges or Bush judges or Clinton judges what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them and Trump lashed out on Twitter starting a fight. With the guy who could end up deciding whether or not Trump has to respond to a Miller subpoena, by the way, which Giuliani has said they will fight if issued Trump tweeted, quote, it would be great if the ninth circuit was indeed, an independent judiciary. Putting independent judiciary and quotes, which was hilarious. But if it, but if it is why are so many opposing views cases filed there, and why are I can't even read his right? Why are vast numbers of those cases overturned we need protection and security these rulings make our country unsafe very dangerous and unwise who's basically like if nights we're going to so great. Why do they keep ruling against me? It's like because you keep breaking the law. Yeah. I'm surprised. I wonder does he actually thinks that he's like a victim. Or is he playing yes? Yes. He does. Yes. Okay. I think he has a child brain that's fixated on any egotistical version of whatever's happening. And I think he feels like he's in charge of the judiciary judiciary. And he's in charge of a main Justice, and they're his and they. Should be a his work at his pleasure. And that's not how it works. There's that's the check and balance thing, then he never watched schoolhouse rock. I guess. Also Wednesday Miller, what did he watch that made him such a monster his dad kicked black people out of their apartment? Whoa. Well at the truth. That's yeah. Straight up. Sorry. I don't know anyone who watch Schindler's List and is like on the wrong side. Yeah. Yeah. Good point with people rooting for Hitler watching Schindler's List. Yeah. Also Wednesday Miller filed a motion to deny popadopoulos as motion to wait until the Miller case is decided before he reports to jail asserting that if the court finds Moeller's appointment to be unconstitutional pob dobs thinks he shouldn't have to go to jail..

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