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Eating it now i just don't like the idea of it yeah okay you seemed unclear whether or not or were it was at a no we've talked with that tom and comedy tom ediger plate who made her head their mightily lousy day you ate it it no i don't know because i just recently at the taco bell breakfasts i had a breakfast case a dea which was uh fantastic tom what can who won't what will it take to make you try the breakfast crowd trap i mean i'll probably go tomorrow how many times have i told you that it's it's it's phenomenal yeah i mean the regular crunch wraps phenomenal the regular grown trap might be the best thing on the ana on the menu i don't understand why and we'll get into talk in a minute players talking about taco bell um hi you're gonna change this subject no no no why taco bell seems like they skimp on the eggs in the breakfast stuff and the eggs had to be cheaper than anything then hannah no vowed that how eggs are cheap like when i buy eggs at the supermarket very cheap wife ones that forty it's a thing that's true and i'd buy like nice organic eggs and they're still pretty cheap considering the man a protein i get out of them a bargain on these numbskulls the stone errs working at taco bell this sousse now they're drop away in the eggs no they're not giving them full i if they have a break into rate of like 75 percent which owes eggs no there's meighan never mind the blue taco bell corporation right up like seventy five percent of their egg purchases every year to suzy higher volume with absolutely no way that the two that just can't guy sending a intact eggs can i just say something what to say i painted a bad picture here aside from the one taco bell on eighth avenue in like chelsea uh um.

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