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Let's get in the morning corny right morning glory wanted the left I say to the right eye what did the left I said to the right out between us something smells the morning corny by the way for all of the new listeners that happened at the same time every morning that little segment right there okay let's take this call hi I am a longtime listener and you guys are making a fortune a lot more enjoyable R. as enjoyable as the court you can be really missed a Spanish word of the day I can confirm that back please for for for okay I'm Eddie does the Spanish word of the day our video producer he's home schooling is for kids and we'll do that next so the Spanish word of the day returns right after this we'll play the song first this is Jordan Davis slow dance in a parking lot Bobby bones show open full stop this break the bass pro shops and Cabela's studio on music row is the Bobby bones show okay you heard the request from one of our listeners will bring it back today it's Eddie's Spanish word of the day all right the word of the day is booked us repeat after me bones book that all does that mean to boot so let me use in a sentence what the US whose bed have your book has been on nice or maybe got a little dirt all my bill does yeah yeah and we have one not gonna vote does not them both us these both the or walk in and that's just what they'll do and one of these days these bottles are gone they'll walk all over you what about that Brooks and Dunn some well you Hey are you still teaching your kids Spanish for for home school distance learning and not every day I probably do it maybe twice a week but yeah I'm trying to get a Spanish word and sometimes it goes into just dinner time I'm like oh crap I did during the day so I guys that beings free hall is the only other person who left the heart of my dues also makes him like the rest of us like we did we don't know what we should be a laugh okay Eddie thank you very much he's a dad of four and he is our our Mexican video producer he's proud of it there is producer.

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