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A sort of energy flow through me that i'd never felt before as if i was a part of something greater than myself even at fourteen years old when i was desperately searching he became the leader of the movement but now works to combat hatred often by connecting people with those they think they hate so i've spent hours sitting with holocaustdeniers and holocaust survivors islamophobes and muslim families or imams homophobes and lgbtq communities and what happens inevitably is that a connection is made pizza leaney's new memoir is white american youth that's coming up on today's fresh air first news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs the us houses past another shortterm funding bill the willett boyd a partial government shutdown at midnight friday this stopgap bill would keep the government open for an additional four weeks and now goes to the senate where it faces an uncertain future president trump traveled to pennsylvania today to promote what he sees as the victories of his first year in office and fears dongguan you have reports drop often complains he doesn't get enough credit for successes so what a small factory outside pittsburgh he was promoting the economy and a jobless rate that's down to four point one percent african american unemployment is at its lowest level ever recorded he added female unemployment is at the lowest level in seven years the president was also lending support to the republican candidate in a march special congressional election it's been a gop see the democrats are spent any money in hopes of sending the president a message dongguan a npr news pittsburgh the senate has approved a sixyear extension of the foreign intelligence surveillance act house approved the measure last week in an august to the president for his signature that statute expires tomorrow the act allows the government to collect information about us citizens obtained in the course of surveillance a foreign nationals outside the us some lawmakers had objected to the measure as an infringement of privacy and.

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