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Coming up at five o'clock and from all the corona virus going the I heart radio app tap the podcast app for the latest news and information hello Sean Hannity continue after we check whether on newsradio six ten W. I. only partly to mostly cloudy skies here tonight widely scattered showers and thunderstorms possible up through about midnight overnight low seventy five more clouds and sunshine tomorrow slight chance for showers storms Saturday eighty three partly cloudy eighty eight Sunday with updates around the clock in South Florida severe weather station on the weather channel's Ken boon on newsradio six ten W. I. O. D. this report is sponsored by compassion international it's easier to change the world than you think sponsored child in extreme poverty with compassion international and you will change the world for that child just text the word child to eight three three nine three to sponsor right now this Easter Passover weekend please give hope to the homeless through the gift of a meal WYO D. in the Miami rescue missions radio share it on is under way here's Maryland Brummett with an update continue to go to hearing place dot org slash Easter or call three zero five five seven two two thousand thank you call three zero five five seven two two thousand four go to caring place dot org front slash eastern I had never really known number before you go days without eating it's like a whole pet inside of you I remember smelling the food outside and they gave you a shower a warm bed tenor a hot meal I had met all the volunteers here just the way they were so accepting it was so hungry.

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