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It's will be front and center as Democrats get ready to defend the reconciliation bill at its parsed by the Senate parliamentarian and gets teed up for a floor vote, but there are still a couple of hurdles left. Hurdle number one, the Senate parliamentarian will go through the build text with the fine tooth comb, flunking any provision that doesn't meet the stringent rules of what's allowed within the scope of the reconciliation process. It's to top Senate Democrats feel that momentum is on their side, but expect the legislation might see some minor changes. Fertile number two, it's still unclear whether senator kyrsten sinema supports the bill. The Arizona Democrat was left out of the hush hush negotiations between mansion and majority leader Chuck Schumer and per Politico's Burgess Everett was, quote, caught completely off guard by its announcement, particularly the inclusion of a provision, narrowing the so called carried interest loophole, which brings in $14 billion of the Bill 739 billion in new revenues. Cinema had no new public comments on Sunday. On Sunday Night, a senior Democrat on the hill told playbook that quote Schumer told the caucus to plan to be available this coming weekend to finish the bill, if need be, and nothing has changed on that front. Last week, Senate Republicans blocked the passage of the pact act, which would expand healthcare access to veterans exposed to burnt beds. Their opposition, ostensibly, because they wanted to vote on an amendment, offered by senator pat toomey, but difficult to divorce from the broader context of Democrats breakthrough on reconciliation talks has spread swift and widespread backlash, with veterans and advocates for the Bill, torching senators in viral condemnations and TV heads. Now, shimmer expects to bring the bill back to the floor this week. Asked about the two main amendment, Schumer said he'd give the Pennsylvania Republican quote a right to bring his amendment to the floor and try to get the votes for it. To me said Sunday that if his amendment passes, he would support the larger Bill. It's a big week for primaries and to break down a couple of the races we're watching in Arizona and Missouri down. Politicos Senate campaigns reporter Natalie Allison is here. Not only how's it going, how are you? It's going great. How are you? I'm good. Thanks for asking. So let's start with Arizona. And it seems that Blake masters is the presumptive favorite for in the GOP Senate race. What do you know about it? What's going on? So Blake masters surged to the front of the pack in the Republican primary in Arizona. Sometime in June late June, after receiving the Trump endorsement June 2nd. So for much of this primary campaign and Arizona, he was in third place. He was behind the state's attorney general, Mark brnovich, who Trump had a couple of months ago come out and said, he absolutely would not endorse because he wasn't happy with what he said, you know, Mark Bernard wasn't doing enough to overturn the elections. Jim layman, he is a solar powered executive in the state who has put so far at least $15 million of his own money into the race. He was an elite for a bit too. And then this Trump endorsement helped Blake masters. Of course, along with Peter Thiel's $15 million through super PAC, he's given helped leaky masters really search to the front. And right now he has a pretty decisive lead and it seems like he's the clear favorite to win on Tuesday. Let's turn to Missouri. The last place we left off when it came to this race was Eric greitens was dealing with allegations from his ex-wife about domestic abuse. It had been unclear about who Trump would endorse in the race. What do you know about what's happening there? Yeah, well, Eric green distill dealing with the allegations from his ex-wife about domestic abuse allegations that have basically been blanketed over the airwaves to the tune of 6 plus $1 million as of last week by an antique right and super PAC. And those commercials those ads have really really taken away Eric right in his lead. So another candidate in the race Eric Schmidt is the Missouri attorney general. He has surged to first place in that race and in a way, depending on which poll you look at, some people would say it's merely a two way race between Eric Schmidt and Vicky hartzler. She's a congresswoman from that state. Others might say that it's still three way race with brightens, but a number of recent polls have shown greatness falling to a pretty decent third place. And those ads that have been on the air the last month have really, really done a number on his campaign. Yeah, talk to me a little bit about the Arizona race because I know that for the GOP, the Arizona Senate race is kind of a key battle against Mark Kelly, it seems important that they get that one right. Yeah, Arizona is a crucial state for Democrats to defend in order to maintain a very narrow majority in the Senate. And for Republicans to try to pick up. So this is one of the top four battleground states of the fight for control of the Senate this year. And so whoever wins this Republican nomination is going to be someone who is in a really tough breaks this fall. That, yes, it is a favorable environment for Republicans. But Mark Kelly has been running a pretty solid campaign. And he has been spending money portraying himself very favorably on TV while the Republicans in this race have had to spend months fighting it out. So this race is very consequential, whoever wins this primary on Tuesday will be in a really major election this fall. Puka is Natalie Elsa. Thanks for coming on. Thank you so much for having me. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House, president Joe Biden is back in isolation after rebound COVID, a 10 a.m., vice president Kamala Harris will depart D.C. to head to Miami, Florida. There, she'll receive a climate briefing at the national hurricane center, and at four O 5, Harris will deliver remarks on the administration's climate efforts at Florida international university. At 6 p.m., Harris will depart Miami to return back to D.C.. Press secretary, green Jean Pierre will brief at one 45 p.m. the Senate will meet at 3 p.m. to take up Elizabeth Haynes judicial nomination with the cloture vote at 5 30. The house is out today. A couple other things to circle on your calendar this week today. I'll speak your Nancy Pelosi lands in Singapore. On Wednesday, the OPEC plus coalition meets to discuss whether to boost production goals for September, with important implications for gas prices, headed into the home stretch of the midterms. On Thursday, the trade deficit numbers will drop Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban speaks at cpac, Texas. And on Friday, the Labor Department releases July job numbers. All right, for more news, what's happening in D.C. right now. Subscribe to the playbook newsletter. That's a Politico dot com slash playbook. Our music is composed by the mysterious breakmaster cylinder. I'm rogue naval and have a good week. We'll see you first thing. Tomorrow morning. What does it mean to invest? At Blackstone, investing is about more than just capital. It's backing visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders. 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